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Admission Testing Symposia for Counselors


We are regularly invited by schools and organizations throughout the U.S. to provide presentations on college admission testing. While our talks for students and parents are often billed as “Admission Testing 101,” the symposia we facilitate for college counselors could be considered graduate-level. We take a deep dive into the admission testing landscape of 2018, offering up-to-date, nuanced information on all the thorniest questions. We’ll share a perspective – informed by both data and anecdotes – that you can put to use immediately to help encourage healthy testing-related behavior by students and parents.

Versions of this presentation have been well-received at ACCIS Summer Institute and numerous *ACAC conferences over the years as well as by private audiences of independent school counselors including the Interschool & Hilltop schools in New York City, the LAISCC group in Los Angeles, and the BAISCC group in San Francisco.

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Each year we invite Compass to present to our 10th grade families. These events help our families feel confident, relieved, and well-informed. I am inundated by offers from test prep companies, but I always find myself coming back to Compass.

Canh Oxelson, Director of College CounselingHorace Mann School

What we value most about Compass is their integrity. We trust the services they provide -- private tutoring, practice testing, and public speaking -- and the intelligently responsive manner in which they offer them.

Sharon Cuseo, Upper School DeanHarvard-Westlake School

We are delighted to partner with Compass, as so many of our colleagues have done.. The education and training Compass provides to our school is invaluable. Their excellent research de-stresses rather than raise alarms.

Katy Murphy, Director of College CounselingBellarmine College Prep

Compass provides testing knowledge and high-quality research shared in an accessible, anxiety-reducing way for audiences from experienced college counselors to families just starting the college process.

Emmi Harward, Executive DirectorACCIS

Compass Supports Schools Nationwide

We are proud to support hundreds of diverse schools and organizations with a range of valuable testing-related programming. The graphic below provides a sampling of where we have been invited to share our expertise and provide resources. Please click here for a complete list of references and more detail on our school partnership offerings. To discuss what we may be able to provide at your school, please contact Adam Ingersoll or Matt Steiner.

Meet Your Presenters

Adam Ingersoll



Adam began his career in test prep in 1993 while at the University of Southern California. Over the last two decades he has guided thousands of families to successful experiences with standardized tests and has mentored hundreds of the industry’s most sought-after tutors. Adam is known nationally as a leading expert on college admission testing and is a frequent presenter at higher ed conferences, faculty development workshops, and school seminars.

Matt Steiner



Prior to joining the Compass team, Matt obtained an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has a decade of experience in the field of test preparation, working for multiple well-regarded private tutoring firms. Matt currently teaches a graduate-level course on college admission testing through UCSD Extension. In his instruction and  public speaking, Matt endeavors to build transparency around college admission tests.

Feedback from Counselors on Our Presentations and Work with Students

Compass is an invaluable resource for us. Their approach to testing is smart and reasonable. Their sophomore parent testing evenings are of the highest quality – useful, comprehensive, well-researched, and delivered with compelling and fresh insight.

Laura HotchkissDirector of Upper School, Marlborough School

I appreciate the research and development that Compass shares regarding college admission tests. In their presentations, Compass illuminates what these tests DO and DON'T measure, which enables our students to separate their test scores from their identities. The tone of these events is overwhelmingly positive and optimistic.

Jeff MorrowDirector of College Counseling, Oaks Christian School

We only receive positive feedback from families who have prepared with Compass. In a service industry that often feels 'transactional,' Compass makes a student's well-being and his or her specific needs the focal point.

Tamar AdegbileDirector of College Counseling, Cate School

I only trust Compass to speak to the sophisticated audience at my school about college admissions testing and preparation. I love seeing the looks on their faces when they hear what Compass has to say in their informed, straight-talking, helpful presentations. Students feel much more at ease and families walk away with real insight into testing.

Krista KleinCo-Director of College Counseling, Lick-Wilmerding High School

Concerned about the changes to the 2016 SAT, I had invited Compass to our Sophomore College & Academic Planning Night. We had never had a test prep company speak to our families in the past. The presentation was informative, professional, and calming - Compass has an open invite for the future!

Jennifer ThomasCollege Counselor, Maybeck High School

When we refer families to Compass, we know that we are connecting them to professionals who can manage the entirety of the admission testing process. Students often say how much they love their tutors and how much their scores have improved.

Molly BranchCo-Director of College Counseling, Windward School

Compass’ presentation was, by far, the best one we have ever had on admission testing. The content was spot on and the delivery was wonderful: clear, articulate, warm, and reassuring. Our parents were extremely complimentary and said they felt much better.

Gail DevineCollege Counselor, Louisville High School

Compass' seminar has been a tremendous benefit to my 10th graders and their parents each year for the last decade. The Compass leadership is in a class of its own; they are the foremost experts in the field with the highest ethical standards.

James SkrumbisHead of School, Sierra Canyon School

I receive nothing but positive feedback following Compass' presentations. They have a natural way of putting families at ease, which is so important given the angst around standardized testing and college admissions. I highly recommend Compass to my colleagues and invite them back to our campus every year!

Lisa NeumaierCollege & Career Specialist, Sir Francis Drake High School

I continually look to Compass to provide the students and parents I work with the proper perspective on testing. As a college counselor who employs a student-centered process, I have found Compass to be well-informed, comprehensive, and engaging to my students' and comforting to their parents. Most importantly, they are completely in synch with our philosophy and reinforce our message perfectly.

Cesar GuerreroDirector of College Counseling, Stuart Hall High School

Our families gravitate toward Compass because its tutors and staff honor each student, appreciating his or her unique strengths and weaknesses. Compass is the gold standard within the industry of test preparation.

Jennifer SimpsonDirector of College Counseling, Campbell Hall

Compass presenters manage to take a calm and light-hearted approach while also being professional in their delivery. Their talks strike the perfect balance - reducing anxiety while providing families with solid guidance regarding admission tests. Also, their materials, including the College Admission Testing Guide, are thoughtfully compiled by professionals I trust.

Steffany PerezCo-Director of College Counseling, Oakwood School

Compass' ability to marry clarity and depth of knowledge is a significant asset to the Urban School. Each time Compass presents, I walk away reassured that our students and parents are getting honest, well-researched information about college admission testing. This assurance is confirmed by the waves of appreciative emails I receive from families.

Lauren GersickAssociate Director of College Counseling, the Urban School of San Francisco

With all of the anxiety around college admissions testing and the redesigned SAT, Compass' presentation could not have been more timely and relevant for our students and parents. They have great skill at explaining the complex nuances of testing, while still making it clear enough for everyone to understand.

David RionDirector of College Counseling, Sonoma Academy

We enjoyed Compass' presentation and found it comforting to realize that their recommendations and information were so in tune with Presentation's philosophy on standardized testing. Compass eased the fears of our parents rather than exacerbating them, a definite must for families entering the college process.

MaryLynne RodriguezCollege Counselor, Presentation High School