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Compass provides one-on-one test prep tutoring to students around the world. Our Guide to College Admission Testing and director consultations are always complimentary.

Please fill out the questionnaire below to give your director an in-depth understanding of where your student is currently. The answers to these questions will help facilitate your scheduled call.

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    Have you had an older child go through the U.S. college admission and test prep processes before?

    Has your student taken a PSAT or PreACT? What were his or her scores?

    What math class is your student taking this year? Next year?

    Does your child receive testing accommodations?

    Are you considering starting test preparation this summer?

    Are there any initial thoughts about college goals you’d like to share at this time?

    Are there any other special factors related to your child’s college goals or other details about your child you’d like to share before our call?

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