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A Symposium on Admission Testing


If you were unable to attend the live presentation, a recording has been posted below.

Please join Compass Education Group and the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) for a Symposium on College Admission Testing, a professional development opportunity. College counselors and interested faculty/administrators are invited to attend the presentation, which will also be simultaneously broadcast on Zoom for those unable to attend in-person. The event will be led by Compass Education Group’s Adam Ingersoll, who is also presenting for families.

While Compass presentations for students and parents are often billed as “Admission Testing 101,” the symposia we facilitate for college counselors could be considered graduate-level. We will take a critical look at the current landscape of admission testing, offering up-to-date, nuanced information on all the thorniest questions. There is no cost to attend. Examples of topics covered include:

  • How to successfully discourage students from starting too soon, correcting the “more is more” assumptions around testing and test prep, what do the data tell us about developmentally-appropriate testing timelines
  • Helping students choose optimally between the SAT and ACT, what differences are meaningful, how to understand practice test reports and make the correct decision
  • Making sense of the shifting milieu of college testing policies, the surge of SAT/ACT optional schools, and the increasing relevance of AP Exams in admission decisions
  • What do counselors, faculty, and administrators need to know about the SAT’s impending transition to adaptive testing on a fully digital platform
  • How is ACT likely to respond to College Board’s decision to go digital and adaptive

We’ll share detailed updates, rationales, and perspectives around these questions and more, which you can put to use immediately to help encourage healthy and smart testing-related behavior by students and parents.


Adam Ingersoll began his career in test prep in 1993 while at the University of Southern California, where he was a student-athlete on the basketball team, worked in the admissions office, and graduated magna cum laude. Now in his third decade guiding families to successful experiences with standardized tests, Adam is recognized as a leading expert on college admission testing and is a popular speaker at higher education conferences and dozens of school events annually. He has provided training on test usage for the admission teams at prominent universities including Caltech, Rochester, and USC.

The Compass Resource Center

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The Compass Guide to College Admission Testing

…in our comprehensive Resource Center. Get answers to the most important questions, including:

  • How competitive are your test scores?
  • What is the most effective calendar for testing?
  • How do the SAT and ACT compare?
  • What are the implications of ‘test optional’ policies?
  • How do you interpret PSAT scores?
  • What do I need to know about the new digital adaptive SAT?