No matter how hard your child preps for the SAT, they won’t do as well as they should unless they master the fundamentals FIRST…

Introducing: The Compass Fundamentals Mastery Program


Inside this proprietary program, we’ll give your child the knowledge they need to master the fundamentals that are essential for getting a good score on the SAT and ACT.

We’ll first identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then we will create a proven and effective plan to bridge these knowledge gaps in just 8 weeks.

Knowledge is the foundation that the most successful students on the SAT have mastered and now your child will too. We help them fill their knowledge gaps and improve key skills like advanced problem-solving, scientific reasoning, math, and reading comprehension. The SAT and ACT will test them in all these areas, so your child must have a strong foundation in these essential skills in order to do well on the SAT and ACT. Remember, it’s not about strategies for taking a standardized test, it’s about building a knowledge foundation for that ultimate test prep.


Here are Just a Few of The Amazing Results We’ve Helped Our Students Achieve

“Compass is clearly one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future. They offer a myriad of tools – consulting, practice tests, and individualized tutoring – to help your child understand her strengths and weaknesses on admissions tests. Our daughter improved her score by more than 400 points!”

– Donna R, Mother of Justine,

11th Grader at Tamalpais High School

“The process is so organized – from the administration down to the professional and knowledgeable tutors. Our instructor was so well-matched, and it was evident that she really understood how our daughter processed information. The proof was in her score: she improved by 300 points!”

– Susan Z, Mother of Kendall,

12th Grader at the Brentwood School

“Both of our children had terrific results after working with Compass. Our daughter raised her ACT composite score from a 23 to a 32, and our son improved his score from a 1960 to a 2320. The expert directors, tutors, and practice tests were critical to our children’s success.”

– Cassidy T, Mother of Dylan and Sara,

11th and 12th Graders at Harvard-Westlake

We’ll Match Your Child With The Perfect Compass Tutor For Better and Faster Results

Not all tutors are right for your child. Different tutors are more effective in certain areas than others. That’s why we’ll first identify your child’s weaknesses and strengths and then match a tutor who is effective at improving those specific weaknesses.

Your tutor will work one on one with your child once a week for 8 weeks to help them master the fundamentals.

Our hand-picked compass tutors go through a rigorous selection process in order to be chosen. Many of our compass tutors have graduated from the most prestigious universities in the U.S like Yale, Duke, Columbia, and Stanford to name a few—your child is in good hands.

This is valuable knowledge you can’t get from any free resources online. In fact, there is no other program quite like this.

If this appeals to you and you would like more information.  Fill out your details below and one of our Fundamental experts will call you right away. They will answer any questions you may have so you can see if it’s a right fit for your child. Act now because the SAT and ACT are just around the corner.

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