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Take A Practice SAT or ACT and Support a Charity

Compass is offering a practice SAT and ACT through our online testing center as a Give $10, Get $10 special event! For this event, we’re offering you a $10 discount (off the normal $50 testing fee) and giving $10 of your registration fee to charity. For $40, you’ll receive an online practice test and interactive score report, and raise money for a good cause.

Scroll through the page to learn more about the charity, take a tour of our online testing center, and preview our score reports!


SAT: Saturday, August 14th or Sunday, August 15th

ACT: Saturday, August 28th or Sunday, August 29th

You may start your test(s) anytime between 9 AM and noon in your timezone.


Compass’s online practice tests are open to students with standard timing and extended timing accommodations. Both the ACT and SAT with standard timing are approximately 3 hours (but give yourself a little extra time to read instructions). Extended timing varies by individual. See below for testing details.

ACT Testing is available on Saturday, August 28th or Sunday, August 29th; you can start your test anytime between 9 AM and noon in your time zone. Questions? Need to make a change to an existing reservation? Please email testing@compassprep.com

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please visit compassprep.com/practice-tests for additional practice testing opportunities.

Testing Details and Extended Time Accommodations

During registration, you will have the opportunity to select the specific timing accommodations needed. We offer 50% extended and double time for individual sections or the entire test. Students have the opportunity to change their assigned testing accommodations at the start of the test. 

Those taking the test with extended timing accommodations may exit the test after each section and return later; extended time students will have 10 days to complete the test.

Once the test begins, students with standard timing will not be able to pause the test. The timer will run through sections and breaks, automatically starting the next section except in instances of loss of network.

Proceeds from this event will support:

School on Wheels is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to enhance opportunities for children experiencing homelessness from kindergarten through twelfth grade. School on Wheels’ program serves as a consistent support system for their students during a time of great stress and fear, and Compass is honored to make a donation to their cause!

The Online Testing Center

Compass is the first test prep company to offer online practice exams that simulate the interactive experience of computer-based testing. Key features include:

  • An interface that closely mimics the real online ACT
  • Highlighter, Answer Masking, and Answer Eliminator tools to help you mark up your online test
  • Question Flagging that helps you remember where you felt most challenged during the test
See all of the Online Testing Center’s features in action:

Preview Our Interactive Score Report

Advanced testing analytics you’ll receive with our premium interactive score reports include:

  • Time spent per question: helps improve clock management
  • SAT/ACT Comparison Tool: provides concordant SAT and ACT scores and determines your testing preference based on previous scores
  • Percentile Ranking Tool: shows how score gains will improve your competitive standing
  • Similar Scorers Chart: illustrates how students with commensurate testing ability performed on each question
  • Question Performance Tab: displays how well you fared on specific content areas