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Compass Test Prep Classes

Compass Education Group invites Awty Star students to participate in one of our 2024 comprehensive SAT or ACT prep classes. Each class features over 20 hours of live, online small group instruction and 3 full-length practice tests. Classes will be taught by two of Compass’ most experienced Math and Verbal instructors.

Students enrolled in class will complete eight 2.5 hour instructional sessions and three proctored practice tests. Additional computer-based practice tests with pacing analytics are available for extra practice.


$895 $0

All qualified Awty Star students receive a full scholarship program from Awty and Compass. There are no additional costs. All materials, practice tests, and administrative support is included.

Compass and Awty will provide you with a personalized enrollment code. The code will ensure that you can register without any payment due.

Please contact Compass at classes@compassprep.com with any questions.


Students can choose a preferred course schedule from the following sections:

  • August 24 SAT Class
    8 Saturdays or Sundays from 6/22 to 8/18
  • Early Summer SAT Class
    Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6/4 to 6/27
  • *In-person* Early Summer SAT Class
    Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6/4 to 6/27 at Avalon Suites – Galleria
  • July 15 ACT Class
    8 Sundays from 5/12 to 7/7
  • September 14 ACT Class
    8 Saturdays or Sundays from 7/20 to 9/7


Click on the button below to sign up for one of our SAT or ACT instructional courses. Select your preferred Class option from the dropdown menu. Enter your personalized enrollment code and click on “Apply Promo Code”.

We will send you full instructions for the sessions one week before the class begins. Instructional materials will be mailed to the address you provide during registration.

The registration deadlines are:

  • June 17th for the August SAT Classes
  • May 30th for the Early Summer SAT Classes
  • May 6th for the July ACT Class
  • August 5th for the September ACT Class

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