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Baldwin School sophomores and juniors will have the opportunity to take a mock SAT and/or ACT , either through the Compass Online Testing Center or through a Live, virtually proctored Zoom session.

The Online Testing Center (OTC) is a fully digital-based test that gives students immediate results. The test results are invaluable in helping students craft their ideal testing and tutoring plan. Students and parents can see a demo of the OTC here. Students will be given a window in which they must start the exam. They may start the test at anytime in that window, but must complete it in one sitting unless they have a multi-day test accommodation.

The live, virtually proctored exam will be hosted on Zoom at a designated time with a live proctor. Students will be sent links to a digital/printable test option. Students will receive results within a week of the test.

Please reach out to practicetests@compassprep.com with any questions or concerns.



  • OTC: Saturday January 22 – Sunday January 23*
  • Live Virtually Proctored: Saturday January 22 at 9:00AM EST

Registration Deadline: Monday, January 17th at 5:00PM EST


  • OTC: Saturday February 5 – Sunday February 6*
  • Live Virtually Proctored: Saturday February 5 at 9:00AM EST

*For the OTC, students may start their test anytime during that weekend

Registration Deadline: Monday, January 31st at 5:00PM EST


This exam will be proctored fully ONLINE.

Students testing through the Online Testing Center will receive an email with access to the the OTC Portal. They will need an internet connection for the duration of the exam. The OTC can handle different accommodations including 50% extended, 100% extended, and multi-day testing. Students will confirm their accommodations, if any, when signing in for their test.

Students joining the live session will receive a detailed email with all links they need a week before the test. Only Standard and 50% extended time will be available in these sessions. 



Schedule a consultation with a Compass Director

The members of our management team are leading experts in the field of admission testing. They personally lead every aspect of each student’s experience with Compass, including program recommendations, tutor selection, and ongoing guidance. We welcome you to schedule a call with us to review your student’s practice test results and collaborate on a strategy for how best to proceed.

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