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SSAT Test Prep Class

Compass has partnered with Hanahauʻoli School to provide a comprehensive SSAT prep class this summer. The class will feature 24 hours of online group instruction and 3 full-length practice SSAT exams (more details on virtual exam dates/times coming soon). Students’ practice test scores will be used to customize instruction and provide opportunities for individual follow up. The class will be taught by two of Compass’ most experienced SSAT Math and Verbal tutors.

Please visit the following resources for additional information about our approach to the SSAT and the official administration.

We’ll be offering an SSAT informational session for Hanahauʻoli families on Thursday, March 10. Please stay tuned for details.



Please call us to provide credit card information after registration (800.685.6986).


Complete the form below to sign up for the SSAT instructional course. We will send you full instructions for the online sessions the week of the first class. Please call the Compass office directly with payment information after registration (800.685.6986).

Instructional materials and practice tests will be distributed through the school before the close of the academic year. We can make digital materials available to you as needed.


Sorry! Online registration is now closed.


Practice Test 1  due by 6/13
6/13 – Mon., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
6/15 – Wed.,1-3:00 pm (HST)
6/17 – Fri., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
6/20 – Mon., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
6/22 – Wed., 1-3:00 pm (HST)
6/24 – Fri., 1-2:30 pm (HST)

Practice Test 2 due by 6/27
6/27 – Mon., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
6/29 – Wed., 1-3:00 pm (HST)
7/1 – Fri., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
7/6 – Wed., 1-3:00 pm (HST)
7/8 – Fri., 1-3:00 pm (HST)

Practice Test 3 due by 7/11
7/11 – Mon., 1-2:30 pm (HST)
7/13 – Wed., 1-3:00 pm (HST)
7/15 – Fri., 1-2:30 pm (HST)

Navigating the SSAT



Thursday, March 10 at 5:30pm Hawaii time | 7:30pm Pacific time


If you were unable to attend the live webinar, a recording has been posted below.


This presentation is offered by the counseling office and attendance is highly recommended. The information that will be shared is educational and the event is not a solicitation for the presenter’s services. Please join other families for a thoughtful and pragmatic discussion of the SSAT test that will be useful to students and parents alike.


Torsten Sannar is the Managing Director of Compass Education Group, a provider of one-on-one tutoring for several thousand students annually around the world. Torsten is a graduate of Claremont-McKenna, where he discovered his passion for tutoring students.  He also holds a Ph.D. in Theater History from UC Santa Barbara, where he continued his teaching and tutoring career. Now in his third decade in the college admission testing arena, Torsten leads Compass’ Los Angeles office and guides hundreds of individual families through the testing process. He is here to share insights on how to help students (and parents!) successfully navigate the testing requirements of college admission.