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Compass / Hewitt Test Prep Courses

Compass has partnered with The Hewitt School to provide comprehensive online class options for the class of 2025. Each class will feature 20 hours of small group instruction and 3 full-length practice tests. Hewitt students have full access to the entire menu of group class schedules. Classes will be taught by Compass’ most experienced Math and Verbal tutors.




Financial aid is available for students who qualify for tuition assistance at Hewitt. Please fill out the form below with your registration information if you qualify. Compass will email you with a coupon code to apply to the cost of your class fee. You MUST enter this code at the time of registration to receive the financial support. If you have any questions, please email classes@compassprep.com or call 212-381-4421. 


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    Registration for future classes coming soon! Expected sections include Saturdays and Sundays at 10AM and 1PM Eastern.


    Classes expected to run Aug 3 – Sept 28

    OCTOBER 26th ACT

    Classes expected to run Aug 24 – Oct 19


    Classes expected to run Sept 7 – Oct 26


    Classes expected to run Oct 5 – Nov 30


    Classes expected to run Oct 12 – Dec 7


    Classes expected to run Dec 7 – Feb 1

    MARCH 8th SAT

    Classes expected to run Jan 11 – Mar 1

    APRIL 5th ACT

    Classes expected to run Feb 8 – Mar 29

    Sign up for an Online Testing Center Practice Test

    Hewitt School and Compass Education have partnered to offer the brand new Digital Adaptive SAT at no cost. This new test (learn all about it here) mimics the computer-based test — question type, content, timing, duration, and adaptive structure.

    In addition, an at-home, computer-proctored ACT practice test is being offered; this test matches the current paper/pencil, linear version of the test.

    The test results are invaluable in helping Hewitt School college counselors and Compass directors craft the ideal testing and tutoring plan for each student.


    Digital Adaptive SAT:
    Available anytime between June 1-30

    ACT (computer-proctored, linear, mirrors paper/pencil test):
    Available anytime between June 1-30

    The registration deadline is every Thursday. By Friday the week that you register, we will send you a detailed confirmation email; the link to take the test will be included; you can take the test anytime during the open testing window.

    10th Grade Compass Info Session


    DATE & TIME (passed)

    Friday, May 3rd at 12:15PM


    Standardized testing (SAT and ACT) has traditionally been an important component in the college application process and we want to empower our students with the best preparation.

    Our partners at Compass Education will discuss:

    • The best way to approach the SAT vs ACT decision
    • Understanding the new digital, adaptive PSAT and SAT
    • Debunking the most pervasive myths about testing


    Dulcie graduated with BAs in Physics and Geology from Pomona College and her PhD in Geophysics from Stanford. Dulcie started at Compass as a tutor and now uses her experience to help students and families navigate the admissions testing landscape in her role as senior director. In her spare time, Dulcie likes to read all sorts of fantasy and play with her two badly behaved cats.


    Schedule a consultation with a Compass Director

    The members of our management team are leading experts in the field of admission testing. They personally lead every aspect of each student’s experience with Compass, including program recommendations, e.g., test prep classes designed for Hewitt students, tutor selection, and ongoing guidance. We welcome you to schedule a call with us to review your student’s practice test results and collaborate on a strategy for how best to proceed, including  test prep classes designed for Hewitt students.

    The Compass Resource Center

    Download the latest version of…

    The Compass Guide to College Admission Testing

    …in our comprehensive Resource Center. Get answers to the most important questions, including:

    • How competitive are your test scores?
    • What is the most effective calendar for testing?
    • How do the SAT and ACT compare?
    • What are the implications of ‘test optional’ policies?
    • How do you interpret PSAT scores?
    • What do I need to know about the new digital adaptive SAT?