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We are proud to offer The Compass Guide to College Admission Testing as a free download for all students.

An essential resource for students, parents, and counselors, full of valuable information on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP Exams, and more. Updated several times annually and trusted by thousands of college counselors worldwide.

Download Compass Guide

“I want every family to receive this terrific resource.”

Sharon Cuseo
Harvard-Westlake School, Los Angeles

“The gold standard within the industry of test preparation.”

Jennifer Simpson
Campbell Hall, Los Angeles

“In a class of their own. The foremost testing experts.”

Canh Oxelson
Horace Mann School, New York City
Former Director of Recruitment, UPenn

“The education and training Compass provides is invaluable.”

Katy Murphy
Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose
Former NACAC President

The Guide Answers Essential Questions

  • How important are my test scores? How do I measure up?
  • What is the most effective calendar for testing and test preparation?
  • What are the implications of ‘test optional’ policies? Should I submit my scores?
  • How do I compare scores and choose between the SAT and ACT?
  • How do effective timing strategies vary by test and subject?
  • How strong are my PSAT scores? Will I make National Merit?
  • Am I eligible for an extended-time accommodation?
  • How have AP exams and scores changed?

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    Note: Students and educators are free to distribute the downloadable Compass Guide to Admission Testing.*  We recommend linking to this page to ensure that your community has the most recent information. We regularly update the Compass Guide to account for the latest news on the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.

    *For non-profits only. Compass reserves all copyrights and prohibits changes to the Compass Guide that in any way claim authorship or eliminate a page’s reference to Compass or compassprep.com. For-profit organizations should contact Compass Education Group for licensing options.