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Master your AP Courses and Exams

Individual Tutoring & Group Review with Compass Subject Experts

The 2024 AP Exams have concluded. Please check back this fall for our updated 2025 AP Roadmap Offerings!

All AP Prep offerings cover the following courses:

Biology | Calculus AB | Calculus BC | Chemistry
English Language
English Literature
European History
| U.S. History | World History

AP Practice Test Package
$295 per subject

  • 1 mid-year checkpoint assessment & 3 full-length AP practice tests
  • Self-administered tests graded by Compass-trained readers
  • Online PDF or printed* practice tests
  • Get detailed score reports including Free Response Question feedback and estimated 1-5 scale score

Group Review AP Prep Package
$495 per subject

  • Weekly live review sessions through April to ramp up for official AP Exam (90 minutes each) beginning April 6
  • Recordings of monthly reviews course curriculum topics from October–March (90 minutes each)
  • 1 mid-year checkpoint assessment & 3 full-length AP practice tests
  • Self-administered tests graded by Compass-trained readers
  • Online PDF or printed* practice tests
  • Get detailed score reports including Free Response Question feedback and estimated 1-5 scale score



Fully Customized AP Prep Package
$1,890 per package

  • 9 hours of online 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Tutors can address any AP or academic subject, beyond those listed above
  • Access to supplemental practice content
  • 20% discount on Group Review or Practice Test Packages

Expert support for your AP Courses & Exams

Our AP Subject Experts have advanced degrees in the subjects that they teach, and they particularly enjoy the focus and depth involved in helping students succeed in AP courses and AP Exams. Compass AP instructors are among the most experienced in the industry, averaging over 1,000 tutoring hours and leading hundreds of students to 4s and 5s each year! Engaging, positive role models, they make learning strategies and reviewing content fun and demonstrate how to strategically accumulate points.

AP Practice Test Package

1 mid-year checkpoint assessment + 3 full-length practice tests

$295 per subject


The AP Practice Test Package comes with one mid-year checkpoint assessment and three full-length practice AP Exams. Students will take these digital* practice tests on their own time** and submit their answers for grading. Score reports will include an estimated 1-5 scaled score as well as detailed Free Response Question scoring and feedback from our expertly-trained readers.

The checkpoint is designed to be taken after the first semester, as it only tests the material from the first half of the academic year. One of the full practice tests should be taken in March and the other two in April, though there is no specific testing deadline. Grading turnaround time is estimated to be 1 week. Rolling practice test submission is permitted though grading will not start until January.

*Physical tests & answer booklets can be printed and mailed for an additional $50 fee. Option can be selected when registering.
**Proctoring may be available on select weekends.
Estimated score not applicable for the mid-year checkpoint assessment.

Group Review AP Prep Package

15 hours of Group Review Sessions
Includes AP Practice Test Package (a $295 value)

$495 per subject


Each Group Review AP Prep package consists of ten 90-minute webinars from October through April, for a total of 15 hours of review/instruction. Sessions are led by a Compass subject specialist and will meet once per month from October to March (six sessions) and then weekly in April (four sessions). Students will also be given access to recordings of all ten webinars, regardless of when they register.

Registration includes the corresponding AP Practice Test Package. View available subjects, and full schedules below.

Group Review Subject & Meeting Time Schedule:

Session Timing
Subject Offered
1-2:30pm ET | 10-11:30am PT
AP English Language
AP English Literature
3-4:30pm ET  | 12-1:30pm PT
AP Chemistry
1-2:30pm ET | 10-11:30am PT
AP U.S. History
AP World History
3-4:30pm ET  | 12-1:30pm PT
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC
4:30-6pm ET  | 1:30-3pm PT
AP Calculus AB

All sessions will be recorded and available to registered students, even if students register after the sessions begin.

Saturday Session Full Schedule

Sessions Begin: 10/21
Monthly Sessions October-March: 10/21 | 11/18 | 12/16 | 1/27 | 2/24 | 3/16
Weekly Sessions through April: 4/6 | 4/13 | 4/20 | 4/27
Practice Tests Completed By*: 1/27 | 4/6 | 4/20 | 4/27
*Practice tests are taken on your own time, but it is strongly recommended you complete them before the listed class dates.

Sunday Session Full Schedule

Sessions Begin: 10/22
Monthly Sessions October-March: 10/22 | 11/19 | 12/17 | 1/28 | 2/25 | 3/17
Weekly Sessions through April: 4/7 | 4/14 | 4/21 | 4/28
Practice Tests Completed By*: 1/28 | 4/7 | 4/21 | 4/28
*Practice tests are taken on your own time, but it is strongly recommended you complete them before the listed class dates.

Fully Customized AP Prep Package

9 hours of 1-on-1 instruction

$1,890 per package


After a phone call with a dedicated Compass program director, we will match you with a tutor whose teaching style and expertise suits your needs. The online lessons are scheduled with the tutor at your convenience. AP Prep tutoring hours can be used to cover any AP, Honors or regular class curriculum, including subjects that are not called out above.

A fully customized AP Prep package includes unlimited access to supplemental practice materials (via albert.io) and also includes a 20% discount on Compass AP Group Review or AP Practice Test packages.

Purchase of the AP Prep Package locks in a discounted rate of $210/hr for all academic lessons in the current school year.

Nothing makes us happier than helping our students reach their goals.

The course was exactly what we were hoping for. Our instructors were enthusiastic, friendly, and always open to questions.

Parent of an 11th GraderNewbury Park High School

We reached out to Compass to get tutoring for AP Computer Science A. Our tutor was detailed, patient, and strategic in his approach to coaching my daughter. She’s a good student, but needed someone to provide structure and hold her accountable. The tutor struck a perfect balance with her, and he was very encouraging and supportive. I’m happy to report that my daughter got a 5 on the AP, and is a happy freshman at a top university! We already signed up with Compass for our younger daughter. Need I say more?

Grace W.Mother of a 12th Grade Student at Great Neck North High School (NY)

As both my husband and I were educated outside of U.S., we reached out to Compass to help support our son's preparation for ACT and SAT. We worked together to find the right tutor for his needs. Our son and his tutors worked through questions and test taking strategies which boosted his confidence. He achieved the score he was very happy with! We also engaged with Compass to help our son get a head start on AP Calculus and AP Physics during the summer holidays. He achieved perfect scores which are reflections of his hard work and Compass's tailored tutoring support. Thank you, Compass!

Sung L.Mother of Joshua, 12th Grader at Waterford School (UT)

I deeply appreciate the passion for teaching and kind patience that both of my instructors demonstrated throughout the sessions. Each teacher was engaging and attentive.

Alanu U.11th Grader at Dwight Global Online School

We began working with Compass when our oldest daughter was a sophomore to get her more prepared for the SAT. From the start, they and their tutors have exceeded all expectations. My daughter enjoyed meeting with the tutors and gained more tools, tips, and practice than we could ever have hoped for. We were so pleased that we engaged Compass to work with our younger daughter and in both cases their scores and confidence improved immensely! My opinion of Compass and their tutors is so high that when my daughter sought help for her AP Calc BC class, I immediately reached out to Compass, and they connected us with the perfect tutor. They have proven to vastly differentiate themselves from any other tutoring or SAT prep organization. They are worth every penny and I can’t recommend them more highly!

Susan T.Mother of Sasha, 11th Grader at Palos Verdes High School

We are so pleased with our experience with Compass. The tutors are very professional, always on time and really helped our daughter. The results were even better than we had hoped for.

Denise W.Mother of Makena, 11th Grader at Flintridge Prep

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your refund policy?

We understand that sometimes things happen! We will issue you a complete refund up to 48 hours in advance of the first instructional session.

How are practice tests proctored and graded?

For both the Practice Test Packages and the Group Review Students, practice tests are self-administered. Once complete, students can submit their practice tests for grading and feedback. 

Grading will generally take about 1 week. Score reports will include an estimated 1-5 scaled score as well as detailed Free Response Question scoring and feedback from our expertly-trained readers. Please note that the mid-year checkpoint assessment does not include an estimated 1-5 scaled score.

What if I have a conflict with the scheduled time of the Group Review session? What if I am interested in two or more AP subjects that hold Group Reviews at the same time?

All Group Review sessions are recorded and will be available to registered students within 1-2 business days of the sessions. 

Is there a registration limit for the Group Reviews? How many students can I expect to see in each session?

Our Group Review sessions are conducted as webinars. While we do not limit the number of students in our sessions, our experienced instructors are adept at delivering engaging learning sessions and fielding questions from the group. Participation levels vary depending on the popularity of the AP subject. In the past, we have seen 20-100 students register and attend the sessions live.

Does the Personalized 1-on-1 AP Prep package include any practice tests or do I have to buy the Practice Test package?

Our 1-on-1 package does not include any explicit practice test or grading services, though students are eligible for a 20% discount on AP Practice Test packages (or Group Reviews, which includes Practice Tests). The 1-on-1 tutoring package is intended to provide students with completely personalized help on their AP courses or any other academic curriculum. Tutors will be happy to spend time reviewing practice tests that their student takes, whether it is through a Compass AP Practice Test package or elsewhere.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, we have some limited scholarship funds available. Most often, requests for aid come from our partner institutions and/or teachers who nominate a deserving student. Our ability to offer aid is also tied to the enrollment numbers for a particular section. Please contact us at classes@compassprep.com for more information if you qualify for financial aid.