"You guys have been amazing and I will use you
again with my younger daughter without hesitation!
Your tutors are truly the cream of the crop. Your
company has done wonders to prepare Maddy for
some really difficult classes. Thank you again from
the bottom of our hearts!"

- Daralina P, Mother of Maddy,
12th Grader at Monte Vista High School

AP / Academic Tutoring

Important Notes for 2020 Exams:

For this year only, students will take a 45 minute online exam at home. Two different dates will be offered for each test, to accommodate students who may wish to test as soon as possible. These dates will be announced by April 3rd.

College Board has provided a detailed breakdown of what content will and will NOT be covered in the 45 minute exam. Content range has been adjusted for the new format and to allow for what students likely will have not covered in class due to school closures. College Board is offering additional online resources for self-study and additional supports for teachers and schools.

Compass provides one-on-one tutoring online for the AP exams that can target the content on the 2020 exams and fill in gaps created by the highly unusual set of circumstances faced by this year’s AP students. Contact us to get started.

For additional information, see our blog post which will be regularly updated.

What Do AP Scores Mean?

Because they cover many of the same subject areas, students and parents sometimes confuse AP exams with SAT Subject Tests. It is important to note that, while students can earn college credit for posting strong AP scores, AP exams are not admission tests per se.

What do AP scores mean? The College Board defines 3 as “qualified” to receive college credit, 4 as “well qualified,” and 5 as “extremely well qualified.” Ultimately, however, the answer varies from college to college. Some schools give credit for a 3, while others require a 5. Some of the most selective schools don’t give credit for any score. The one generalization we can make with confidence is that failing to post a 3 or better is likely to place a student in the bottom half to bottom third of his or her peers nationwide.

AP Exams – May 2019

AP Test
Tests Taken
% at 5
% at 4
% at 3
% at 2
% at 1
% at 3 / higher
ALL EXAMS5,098,81514.320.125.222.817.559.6
ART: HISTORY24,47611.924.626.624.712.263.1
CALCULUS AB300,65919.118.720.623.318.358.4
CALCULUS BC139,19543.018.519.513.95.281.0
CHINESE LANG. & CULTURE13,85360.114.914.
COMPUTER SCIENCE A69,68526.721.921.011.918.469.6
ECONOMICS: MACRO146,09119.123.016.914.926.258.9
ECONOMICS: MICRO91,55124.328.
ENGLISH LANG. & COMP573,1719.918.
ENGLISH LITERATURE380,1366.215.727.834.316.049.7
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE172,4569.425.714.125.425.449.2
EUROPEAN HISTORY100,65511.720.525.929.412.558.1
FRENCH LANG. & CULTURE23,24916.125.335.718.24.777.1
GOVERNMENT & POLITICS COMP23,52222.424.419.218.715.366.0
GOVERNMENT & POLITICS U.S.314,82512.912.429.824.820.155.1
HUMAN GEOGRAPHY225,23510.818.220.116.734.149.1
ITALIAN LANG. & CULTURE2,65813.618.134.424.69.366.1
JAPANESE LANG. & CULTURE2,47945.312.421.67.713.079.3
MUSIC THEORY18,86421.217.924.523.512.863.7
PHYSICS 1161,0716.718.220.528.725.945.4
PHYSICS 223,80214.
PHYSICS C: ELEC. & MAGNET.25,34237.622.612.716.610.473.0
PHYSICS C: MECHANICS57,13137.726.717.410.08.281.8
SPANISH LITERATURE29,3459.525.037.721.46.372.3
STUDIO ART: DRAWING21,76920.833.337.
STUDIO ART: 2-D DESIGN37,74921.031.534.010.82.886.4
STUDIO ART: 3-D DESIGN6,04010.022.437.525.74.370.0
US HISTORY496,57311.818.423.422.024.353.7
WORLD HISTORY313,3178.618.828.028.815.855.3

Learn more about what AP test scores mean here.

Learn more about schools’ credit and placement policies here.

Success Stories

We are so grateful for all you did to help Crystal understand how to study with dyslexia and be the best student she could be. Your tutors were exceptional and so caring about Crystal's needs and challenges. The good news - she has gone on to graduate with honors and will attend her first-choice university. Thank you so much!

Jen T, Mother of Crystal, 12th Grader at St. Francis High School

Our three kids each attended different high schools and had unique strengths and challenges. We used Compass for tutoring for the ACT for all three kids, and also for some supplemental math tutoring for our daughter. Each or our kids’ ACT scores improved dramatically as a direct result of the Compass tutors’ guidance. And our daughter’s understanding and achievement in her school math class also improved noticeably. Perhaps best of all, Compass managed to match our kids with tutors who perfectly fit each of our kids’ unique personalities and learning needs, in addition to being talented, courteous, and reliable. And the Compass directors and office staff was always accessible, attentive and responsive. A 100% pleasant and positive experience all the way around.

Jan L, Mother of Andrea, 12th Grader at Marin Catholic High School

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