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In the fall of 2022, through our partnerships with hundreds of leading high schools around the nation, Compass offered a pilot program that gave thousands of sophomores the chance to be the first to take a digital, adaptive practice PSAT.

Starting in 2023, we are pleased to expand this offer to individual students. This is an opportunity to get a headstart and experience the brand new PSAT in its digital, adaptive format. The Digital PSAT introduces new question types, content, timing, duration, and adaptive structure. 

Students will get an early feel for what’s to come in the fall of 2023 and will be equipped to make important tactical decisions around test selection and timelines. Score reports are released the same day the test is taken, test questions are provided for review, and experts are available to help with interpretation.

To sign up for a digital adaptive practice exam ($50*), contact us at (800) 685-6986 or or fill out the contact form below. Some restrictions apply. As part of our Practice Test Donation Campaign, 10% of the proceeds from all practice tests will be donated to organizations that enact social change through educational programming! Click here to meet this quarter’s recipient and learn more about the PTDC.

*Need-based fee waivers available.

Ready to see a Digital Adaptive test in action? Try our demo!

Our tour of the Online Testing Center steps you through each feature and tool, giving you a preview of the testing experience and a guided opportunity to practice using those tools. Tools include:

  • Highlighter—highlight passages and questions
  • Answer Eliminator—streamline process of elimination
  • Question Flagging—mark questions for review at the section or after results are in
  • Timer—hide or show the time remaining to keep on pace

Upon entering the Compass Online Testing Center, students are given the opportunity to take this same tour. We strongly encourage all students to take advantage of its instruction, particularly if it is their first time taking a digital practice test with Compass, so they can utilize all of the testing tools.

Note: The demo must be accessed through Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Mobile phones are not supported.

Preview our Interactive Score Report

The question viewer is accessible for 60 days.

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