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As with official testing by the College Board or ACT, capacity constraints may limit our ability to confirm students at their first-choice testing sessions. We may be able to accommodate students by offering a different testing location (including online options via our Online Testing Center or with an online proctor) or a different time and date. Students must schedule practice tests with sufficient notice to allow Compass staff to prepare the appropriate testing materials. In most cases, self-administered, at-home testing is also an option. Tests taken at home must be mailed to a student in advance, so planning is important. Compass reserves the right to enact, enforce, and alter test scheduling and reservation policies.

Registered users can login at compassprep.com for the current list of testing times and locations. Please keep in mind that a session may already be full. A practice test request made via compassprep.com does not constitute a reservation. You will be notified by the Compass office about our ability to confirm your place on the testing roster. If we do not already have a credit card on file, we will contact you for payment of the proctored practice test fee. We understand that plans change. The testing fee will be credited back to your Compass account as long as cancellation or rescheduling takes place at least 72 hours before the start of a testing session. Students with delinquent balances may be asked to arrange payment before testing sessions are booked.

Students receiving testing accommodations from an official testing organization should discuss their needs with a Compass director. Extended time and other accommodations may only be available at certain testing locations and at certain times.  Always reconfirm the specific accommodation when scheduling future testing, as our proctoring staff cannot make last-minute changes.

Each test type has a limited number of available forms released by the testing organization. Compass directors can advise you about recommended scheduling to maximize the benefit from these forms.

Practice tests are best thought of as periodic performances that allow the student and a Compass tutor to assess progress. As such, we discourage practice testing that is not tied to Compass insight and instruction. Serial testing may prove detrimental by reinforcing bad habits and taking time away from thoughtful practice of skills and strategies. If instruction is being provided by a non-Compass tutor or company, we ask that you contact that tutor or tutoring company about their practice test offerings. Compass reserves the right to limit or decline practice testing in these situations.