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"Compass is clearly one of the best investments you
can make in your child's future. They offer a myriad
of tools - consulting, practice tests, and individualized
tutoring - to help your child understand her strengths
and weaknesses on admissions tests. Our daughter
improved her score by more than 400 points!"

- Donna R, Mother of Justine,
11th Grader at Tamalpais High School

Our Commitment

The unmatched trust we have earned with schools and families is the result of 25 years of ethical conduct and our commitment to realizing the potential of every student we serve. We carefully evaluate each student’s unique circumstances and testing history in order to make informed, individualized recommendations. We personally oversee every aspect of every program. We continually assess and improve our techniques. This extra attention to detail is a Compass hallmark.



Efficient, targeted, successful test prep relies on accurate diagnoses, initially and ongoing. Our practice tests provide a detailed portrait of your testing strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to make recommendations and adjustments tailored to your personal needs. We offer professionally administered practice test sessions every weekend. 

“The regular proctored practice tests were an invaluable tool. Furthermore, the Compass staff spends a great deal of time addressing test results and matching students with tutors to whom they will respond.”

– Gloria Y, Mother of Zach,
11th Grader at Flintridge Prep



How much can I improve? Should I take the SAT or the ACT? When is the best time to start and when is repeat testing appropriate? Will schools see all of my scores, or can I choose which ones to send? Every day, our expert directors answer these questions and many more. We take pride in offering the most thorough consultations and the most thoughtful advice.

“When I initially contacted my Compass director, she was very responsive to my many questions. She provided valuable input regarding preparation strategies as well as guidance toward determining the optimal time to sit for the exams.”

– Barbara C, Mother of John,
12th Grader at La Canada High School



After a thorough assessment of testing data, background, needs, and goals, we develop an individualized plan. And no two plans will be the same. Some students tend to second-guess themselves, while others could exercise a bit more caution. Some students should focus mainly on test-taking skills, while others need substantial content review. We provide the flexibility to craft personalized programs of study that take these nuances into account.

“Our Compass director and tutor analyzed our daughter’s practice tests and focused the study time on where she needed the most help. Sessions were incredibly positive and improved our daughter’s confidence – ultimately, she scored a 34. A significant improvement!”

– Mikaela S, Mother of Annabelle,
12th Grader at Viewpoint School



We hold all our instructors to the same high standards, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Your schedule, your learning style, even your outside interests – we consider all these factors in selecting the best instructor for you. The depth and talent of our team of tutors, combined with our care and expertise in making the perfect match for you, is the bedrock of our program.

“The process is so organized – from the administration down to the professional and knowledgeable tutors. Our instructor was so well-matched, and it was evident that she really understood how our daughter processed information. The proof was in her score: she improved by 300 points!”

– Susan Z, Mother of Kendall,
12th Grader at the Brentwood School



Even the most carefully laid plans require revision.  Once lessons begin, our instructors and directors work together to monitor your progress – on the basis of your performance in lessons, on homework, and on regular practice tests – and make any necessary adjustments. We are never on auto-pilot, and no two programs are exactly alike. We maintain a supportive relationship with families and tutors to ensure maximum score increases and a superlative overall experience.

“Our director was invaluably committed and involved through the process. He was on our team, looking ahead and strategizing a game plan to get the best performance out of my kids.”

– Kerry R, Mother of Sam,
11th Grader at Crystal Springs Uplands School



No other company or tutor can match Compass’ experience and expertise, as evidenced in the successes our students achieve. Nothing makes us happier than helping our students reach their goals. We want students to see great improvement as elegantly and efficiently as possible, with no wasted effort or unnecessary trade-offs. We realize that test scores are just one piece of the college admission puzzle, so we understand that test preparation should never come at the expense of grades, extracurricular activities, or sanity.

“Both of our children had terrific results after working with Compass. Our daughter raised her ACT composite score from a 23 to a 32, and our son improved his score from a 1960 to a 2320. The expert directors, tutors, and practice tests were critical to our children’s success.”

– Cassidy T, Mother of Dylan and Sara,
11th and 12th Graders at Harvard-Westlake


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