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Online Test Prep Tutoring

Private tutoring, whether in-person or online, is the gold standard of test preparation and academic coaching. Compass employs a tutoring methodology – both deliberate and dynamic – that we have refined over decades of work with thousands of students. Our programs begin with a thorough assessment of prior testing and, typically, a formal practice test supervised by a live proctor online.

Your director carefully analyzes this data with you; evaluates your student’s background, needs, and goals; develops an individualized preparation plan; and then makes a thoughtful tutor selection. Our team of online instructors – accomplished Compass veterans – combined with our care and expertise in making the perfect match for you, form the bedrock of our program.

At Compass, we connect our world-class tutors and curriculum to the world. Technology helps bring students and tutors together, but our tutors’ expertise, customized instruction, and interactive methods and tools are ultimately what make our programs so successful.

If you’re ready to get started with online tutoring, contact our office to reach a director or request a space for a proctored practice test.

The Compass Experience

The success of online tutoring at Compass hinges on the historical mainstays of our in-person services.

Expert Oversight

Every Compass family works closely with a dedicated director who provides ongoing guidance and is fully accountable for our work. Directors average over 12 years of experience in admission testing, making them some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

World-Class Tutors

Our elite team of online tutors is handpicked from our established base of in-person instructors. Online tutors have a proven track record of success at Compass, and our directors take great care to make a perfect tutor match for each student.

Real Practice Tests

Students can sign up for regular online proctored practice test sessions. We use video conferencing software to allow our live proctor to monitor students as they practice the way they will take the real test: with paper and pencil.

Reputation and Results

Our reputation as a trusted and essential partner to families and college counselors is the result of 25 years of ethical conduct. Our team of directors and tutors ensures that students not only improve their scores but also have a stellar experience.

How It Works

Online programs require some essential technical components:

Video Conferencing and
Interactive Whiteboard

Video conferencing software connects our tutors to students through their computer or tablet. As you chat with your tutor, it feels like you’re in the same room together even when you’re thousands of miles apart. A shared whiteboard allows you to work on problems together in real time.

Document Camera

Included in our online programs is a high-definition document camera that we send to you to keep. Combined with video conferencing software, the camera is a powerful tool for your tutor to closely track your work in real-time.

Industry Leading Curriculum
and Practice Tests

Our SAT and ACT course materials are designed to be explored with the guidance of Compass tutors. From strategies to question sets, our course books are used in lessons and assigned as homework. These materials are exclusively available to our clients.

Why Families Choose
to Work Online

Over the last decade, Compass and the global market inevitably discovered one another and have been brought together by technology. Online tutoring is now commonplace and is a viable and necessary solution for some families and instinctively preferred by more and more students each year.

Learn more about some of our clients who decided to prep online and the unanticipated benefits of online tutoring.

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Success Stories

Compass' approach was just what I was looking for to efficiently cater to our daughter's specific needs. With technology worked out, it was easy. Working online was significantly more convenient considering our busy schedule. Compass was consistent with outstanding tutors and always receptive to our needs.

Barbara J, Mother of Elena, 11th Grader in Switzerland

Finding a tutor in our specific area who was available when we were would have been almost impossible. I was amazed how quickly Compass was able to respond to our needs. The experience was excellent. With lessons carried out online, it was no different than having a tutor right there with our son.

James C, Father of Bryan, 11th Grader in Canada

We were originally apprehensive about working online, but our grandson needed the flexibility due to his extensive travel schedule. Our director assigned the perfect instructor to Wesley, and communication and responsiveness from all staff were outstanding from start-to-finish - and scores went way up!

Caitlin H, Grandmother of Wesley, 12th Grader in Texas

During the busy junior year, we really needed something tailored to my daughter's specific needs on the ACT. Our Compass tutor analyzed her practice ACTs and focused the study time on where she need the most help. Sessions were incredibly positive and improved our daughter's confidence - ultimately, she scored a 34. A significant improvement!

Mikaela S, Mother of Annabelle, 12th Grader at Viewpoint School

I attended a Compass presentation at our school and was impressed with both the spoken and written materials. When we began tutoring, the quality of the instruction was top-notch, and our son actually looked forward to the sessions. Our son, who supposedly 'hates English' scored a 34 and 32 on English and Reading! I highly recommend Compass without reservation!

Robin W, Mother of Adam, 12th Grader at Harvard Westlake

Our experience with Compass has surpassed our expectations. Both the tutors and directors were amazing. They were spot-on with both developing a plan and preparing my son for the ACT.

Karon W, Mother of Jonas, 12th Grader at Vistamar School

Compass is clearly one of the best investments you can make in your child's future. They offer a myriad of tools - consulting, practice tests, and individualized tutoring - to help your child understand her strengths and weaknesses on admissions tests. Our daughter improved her score by more than 400 points and we are THRILLED by the results!

Donna R, Mother of Justine, 11th Grader at Tamalpais High School

Our two sons both used Compass for SAT prep. The tutors' level of professionalism, engagement, and knowledge made a significant difference in final test scores. I recommend Compass without reservation and feel confident that their high standards of excellence distinguishes them from their competitors.

Marla G, Mother of Joshua, 10th Grader at Milken Community High School

Catherine found her work with Compass to be the key to comfort in the standardized testing process. Thank you for your superior tutors in several subjects and relaxed drop-in practice test sessions. We will spread the news of your great program to Catherine's classmates!

Marilyn J, Mother of Catherine, 11th Grader at Convent of the Sacred Heart

Our son is not a big fan of school and wasn't very enthusiastic about having to spend more time studying for the SAT. Both of our tutors were very understanding and able to modify their techniques to fit with to his style of learning. Specifically, he benefited from the tactical approach that Compass offers and was able to raise his score 230 points. We were VERY pleased.

Carla K, Mother of Travis, 12th Grader at La Canada High School

Compass tutors were reliable, professional, and very knowledgable. Even when we needed to handle a tutor-switch, our director handled things with ease and diplomacy. Compass was key in the success of raising our daughter's ACT and Subject Test scores.

Ginny L, Mother of Evelyn, 12th Grader at Archer School for Girls

Compass is the best! We were newbies to this process and, unfortunately, used another company earlier on. We should have gone straight to Compass. The tutors are professional and the administration is attentive. Our daughter's scores went way up, so we will definitely use Compass again when it's time for our son to begin the process.

Karen J, Mother of Grace, 11th Grader at the Branson School

From the first moment that I contacted Compass until the last phone call, the service and care were superior. My daughter had very lofty goals and Compass was a major factor in the strategy to get her the numbers she desired!

Briana P, Mother of Brittany, 12th Grader at Marlborough School

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