"Compass’ online program was perfect for us. Even
though my daughter's tutor was on the West Coast,
he was able to give her useful testing tips, coach her
on content, and help build her confidence. With Compass’
help, my daughter went from a 1400 to 1560.”

- Irene B, Mother of Grace
12th grader at Convent of the Sacred Heart

Online Tutoring

Private tutoring, whether in-person or online, is the gold standard of test preparation and academic coaching. Compass employs a tutoring methodology – both deliberate and dynamic – that we have refined over decades of work with thousands of students. Our programs begin with a thorough assessment of prior testing and, typically, a formal practice test supervised by a live proctor online.

Your director carefully analyzes this data with you; evaluates your student’s background, needs, and goals; develops an individualized preparation plan; and then makes a thoughtful tutor selection. Our team of online instructors – accomplished Compass veterans – combined with our care and expertise in making the perfect match for you, form the bedrock of our program.

At Compass, we connect our world-class tutors and curriculum to the world. Technology helps bring students and tutors together, but our tutors’ expertise, customized instruction, and interactive methods and tools are ultimately what make our programs so successful.

If you’re ready to get started with online tutoring, contact our office to reach a director or request a space for a proctored practice test.

How It Works

Online programs require some essential technical components:

Video Conferencing and
Interactive Whiteboard

Video conferencing software connects our tutors to students through their computer or tablet. As you chat with your tutor, it feels like you’re in the same room together even when you’re thousands of miles apart. A shared whiteboard allows you to work on problems together in real time.

Document Camera

Included in our online programs is a high-definition document camera that we send to you to keep. Combined with video conferencing software, the camera is a powerful tool for your tutor to closely track your work in real-time.

Industry Leading Curriculum
and Practice Tests

Our SAT and ACT course materials are designed to be explored with the guidance of Compass tutors. From strategies to question sets, our course books are used in lessons and assigned as homework. These materials are exclusively available to our clients.

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