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The Compass Tutor Team – New York City

At Compass, we have spent three decades building the ideal environment for the best tutors to do their best work. Compass tutors are committed and accountable employees, not contractors. We invest heavily in their ongoing support and professional development. We arm them with the most current analyses of the tests and the very best curricula, and we keep their tutoring skills sharp. Compass tutors have the empathy to convey ideas to a wide variety of students and the passion to bring out the best in them. The depth and talent of our team, combined with our care and expertise in making the best match for each student, form the bedrock of our program. See below for a sampling of the wonderful group of individuals who support our New York City area students (not all tutors are included here, due to privacy concerns). Note that for students choosing to receive tutoring online, we are able to draw from our team members based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other locations as well.

Caroline T.

Princeton University

Caroline graduated from Princeton University with a BA in History and then went on to earn her MA in Sociology from the University of Chicago. She served as a teaching fellow in London, where she was responsible for designing college guidance courses and test prep programming for students interested in attending American universities.

Mike H.

Brown University

Mike holds a degree in Biology from Brown University as well as an MFA from UC San Diego, where he was an award-winning teaching assistant for undergraduate classes. He has worked with Compass offices on both coasts and tutors younger students on the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, and SHSAT as well as high school students on the SAT and ACT.

Paige P.

Brown University

Paige graduated from Brown University with a double major in English Literature and Anthropology. Paige's love of the written word is evident in her enthusiasm for her work with students on the verbal portions of the SAT and ACT as well as Subject Tests and APs in the Humanities.

Zach F.

Northwestern University

Zach graduated from Northwestern University where he double majored in Cognitive Science and Theater. Zach is skilled and versatile, having worked with students from ages 5-25, ranging from the SAT/ACT and ISEE/SSAT to admission tests for Gifted and Talented programs, and even with adult learners for the GED.

Sarah G.

Wesleyan University

Sarah holds a PhD in philosophy from the CUNY Graduate Center and graduated with honors from Wesleyan University with degrees in Film Studies, Philosophy, and Creative Writing. She has tutored nearly every subject over the past ten years, on both the math and verbal sides.

Carter N.

Oberlin College

Carter earned their B.A. in Physics from Oberlin College. In addition to standardized test tutoring, Carter teaches high school level STEM classes. Carter is particularly skilled at identifying students individual learning styles and helping them tap into their strengths and develop areas for growth.

Shaun G.

Harvard University

Shaun graduated from Harvard University, where he studied English and Economics. At Compass, he loves developing highly personalized lesson plans and test-taking strategies for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT based on the unique strengths of his students.

Kristen C.

University of Virginia

Kristen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Virginia with degrees in Religious Studies and Spanish. Kristen is especially passionate about language, and tutors verbal on the SAT/ACT, and all areas of the ISEE/HSPT. She has lectured in playwriting, script analysis and Shakespeare at the university level, and is an actor, director and arts educator.

Danielle S.

Stanford University

Danielle graduated from Stanford with a B.A.H. in Theater and Performance Studies. While at Stanford, she began tutoring low-income students in East Palo Alto for the SAT reading and writing sections. In addition to standardized test tutoring, Danielle also served as a teen counselor, organizing weeks long programming for students age 15-18.

Jonathan C.

Princeton University

Jonathan graduated from Princeton University where his studies focused on Political Theory and Political Economy. Jonathan tutors all areas of the SAT and ACT as well as US History; outside of Compass, he has coordinated tutoring initiatives for first generation students applying to college and for young adults as an alternative to incarceration program.

Allison S.

Duke University

Allison graduated from Duke University with a degree in English and an additional focus on pre-med classes. She later earned her Masters in Health Advocacy from Sarah Lawrence College and has worked as a psycho-educational counselor, privately tutoring and counseling students ranging from seven to nineteen years of age.

Jacob E.

Northwestern University

Jacob graduated from Northwestern University, where he studied Theatre, Sociology and Business. He tutors all areas of the ACT and SAT and works with students throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jacob is also passionate about arts education; throughout his life, he has traveled the world working with students to foster a love of learning, music and the arts.

Jared H.

Princeton University

Jared graduated from Princeton University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in English. He is a beloved tutor who focuses on SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, and US History. His broad skill set includes expertise in working with students who receive testing accommodations.

Reagan M.

Brown University

Reagan earned her B.A. in Public Health from Brown University. While at Brown, she was a tutor for the Biology and Physiology departments, as well as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Physiology for two years. Reagan just completed the MCAT and plans to matriculate to medical school in the fall.

Peter B.

Brown University

Peter graduated from Brown with degrees in Computer Science and Music. He is perceptive, warm, and engaging; beloved by students of all types. Outside of Compass, he developed an educational application to provide music theory students with interactive tools to complement their studies and musical experiments.

Syed J.

New York University

Syed is a New York City native and graduate of NYU, where he earned a BA in Chemistry with a minor in Math. He brings to Compass a wealth of experience tutoring all areas of math and science, from middle school students to college students. He continues to be available to work with students while in medical school.

Jesse B.

Tulane University

Jesse earned his BSc in Neuroscience from Tulane University. His broad experience as a teacher, researcher, and healthcare practitioner enables him to help students overcome anxiety, develop confidence, and perform well on exams. He is entering medical school to be trained as a psychotherapist.

Amanda L.

Vanderbilt University

Amanda graduated from Davidson College with a B.A. in English and then went on to earn her Ph.D. in English from Vanderbilt University. While at Vanderbilt, she designed and taught eight semesters' of writing-intensive courses and received an award for outstanding teaching by a graduate student.

Nicholas M.

Bowdoin College

Nicholas earned his BA from Bowdoin College, double majoring in Government and Environmental Studies with a minor in Earth and Ocean Science. When he's not tutoring, he serves in a management role at a clean water advocacy nonprofit, coordinating education and outreach programs.

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