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Many of our families first hear about us from other families. To thank our clients for making these connections, we are now offering a $100 credit to newly referred clients and a $100 check to the referring family!

If you have just been sent here by a friend, please fill out the contact form below. Don’t forget to add their referral code!

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    Terms and Conditions

    Compass reserves the right to modify, change, update or terminate this program at any time. Compass shall have the sole and exclusive right to resolve all disputes between two or more referrers or referees, and all determinations by Compass shall be final and binding. Referral payments are void where prohibited by law.

    The program is designed to recognize friends referring friends. High school educators, college counselors, and educational consultants are not eligible to participate as referrers in the Refer-A-Friend program. 


    The referral program discount and payment apply to families who have not previously done private tutoring with Compass [“new client”]. In order for a program to be eligible, payment must be received for at least Compass’s two-lesson (3-hour) minimum of one-on-one ACT, SAT, or PSAT tutoring. The program must be at Compass’s normal tutoring rate or at a promotional rate then in effect. Rewards are earned when the new customer’s program begins and payment has been received.

    Discounts and Payments

    New clients receive a $100 discount on eligible programs. The referring friend will receive a $100 payment, up to a maximum of $500 per year.


    Compass has tried to explain the program’s terms and restrictions in plain English through a set of questions and answers below.

    Using a Code

    Do I have to get started right away to receive the discount?

    Absolutely not. Compass believes in giving families the most appropriate guidance on testing timelines. Some students should wait before beginning preparation. As long as you give us the referral code during the eligibility period and meet the other eligibility criteria, you will receive the discount when you begin tutoring.

    I have not yet started my SAT program. Can I still provide a referral code and receive a discount?

    Yes. As long as you provide the code within the availability period and meet the other eligibility criteria, then you may receive the discount, and the friend referring you will receive a reward.

    Can a student use the referral code multiple times?

    The referral code discount is available only on a new client’s first SAT or ACT program.

    My older student worked with Compass. Can I receive a discount for my younger student?

    The referral discount applies only to families who have not previously done tutoring with Compass.

    I have two students who will be beginning with Compass this year. Can I receive a discount for both students?

    A family can only receive one discount.

    My friend told me to call, but I have misplaced their referral code. Can I still get the discount?

    For privacy reasons, we can’t directly provide you with your friend’s referral code. We will be happy to honor it once you are able to provide it. Eligibility conditions apply.

    I gave Compass a referral code when I first talked to you, but now I’d like to use someone else’s. Can I do that?

    As long as the promotional program is still in effect and you have not already received the discount, you can provide us with an updated code to replace the one we have on file.

    Giving a Code

    I’d like to refer a friend, but I don’t know my referral code.

    Please call your Compass office or contact us at refer@compassprep.com. We can only provide your code via email if we already have your email address on file.

    I’d like to refer a friend, but I don’t think they are ready to start tutoring yet. Can they still get the discount in the future?

    At Compass, we advise students on appropriate timelines and don’t want a referral reward to alter plans. That’s why—as long as a family calls us with a referral code—they are eligible to use the code at any point over the next two years.

    Can I publicize my code through social media?

    Reaching friends with your referral code through social media is allowed, however, your annual payment is limited to $500. Compass reserves the right to expire a referral code if, at its sole discretion, it determines that it is being used inappropriately.

    Can I transfer my referral code to someone else?

    We will confirm your personal information when you first become eligible for a referral payment. Referral codes are tied to an individual and are not transferable.

    Can I find out which of my friends ended up using my code?

    For privacy reasons, Compass cannot share this information.

    Program Limitations

    Does this apply to international families?

    Compass provides tutoring throughout much of the world. As long as a new family pays for an SAT or ACT program, they are eligible for the $100 discount. The referring family is eligible for a $100 payment except where prohibited by law.

    What if my friend has contacted you in the past or has already taken a practice test?

    If the family has not previously done tutoring with Compass and otherwise meets the eligibility conditions during the offer period, then the referral reward and client discount would apply.

    How many students can I refer?

    Any number of referred friends can receive the $100 discount, but the maximum payout to a referrer is $500 per year.

    Receiving a Payment

    When and how do I receive my referral rewards?

    Compass will process payments quarterly. If a referrer has an outstanding balance with Compass, any rewards will be used against that balance. Any remaining monies will be paid by check. If Compass must use another means of payment, it may deduct any associated fees, including currency conversions. The reward will be paid in U.S. dollars.

    How will you know where to send a check?

    As part of our quarterly payment process, we will confirm a referrer’s personal information.

    I’ve referred students previously. Will I receive payment for them?

    First, thank you! Unfortunately, the referral program is a new, limited-time offer and does not apply to families already working with Compass.

    Do I have to pay taxes on any referral payments I receive?

    Any taxes and fees are entirely the responsibility of the referring family. Please consult with your tax advisor if you have any questions.

    Program Changes or Discontinuation

    Compass reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its referral program, or to discontinue the program, at any time and at its sole discretion. Any credits will be paid out under the rules applicable at the time that they were earned.