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Compass wishes you the best of luck!

Here are some of our test day preparation tips:

The Week Before the Test

  • If you are in the habit of staying up very late, use a few days to transition to an earlier bedtime. It helps if you don’t use electronics during the hour before bedtime.
  • Finish your homework by Thursday night and put off as much as you can until after the test.

The Day Before the Test

  • For today only, do as little studying as possible.
  • Relax and do fun things. Watch a comedy, read a book, or do whatever helps you unwind.
  • Gather your test day necessities
    • Paper Test Takers
      • Directions to the test site
      • Your admission ticket
      • Photo ID
      • Approved calculator with fresh batteries (Be sure to review the ACT and SAT calculator policies.)
      • Watch
      • Pencils and erasers
      • Snacks and drinks
    • Digital SAT Test Takers
      • Your admission ticket: 1-5 days before the test, go into the Bluebook app, select your test, and complete a short exam setup. The app will generate your admission ticket, which you can print out or email to yourself. 
      • Photo ID
      • Your fully charged approved testing device with the Bluebook app installed
      • Device charger 
      • Pencils or Pens for scratch paper (paper provided at test site)
      • An acceptable calculator for use on the Math section of the test (there will be an embedded graphing calculator available to use within Bluebook)
      • Snacks and drinks for the break
  • Get another good night’s sleep.

On Test Day

  • Get up at least two hours before the test so that your brain has time to wake up.
  • Do something active for 10 minutes – a light run or stretching exercises – to wake up your body. Take a refreshing shower to wake up your mind.
  • Eat a medium-sized, healthy breakfast. Drink tea or coffee only if they are part of your normal routine.
  • Try a few easy practice problems to warm-up your testing techniques. Don’t worry about checking your answers.
  • Listen to your favorite music to help you get into a relaxed but alert mood.
  • Get to the testing site early, so you are not stressed about finding your testing room.
  • Locate the restroom. Don’t get lost during your 5-minute break looking for the restroom.

Final Reminders

  • NO CELL PHONES. Not on silent. Not on vibrate. Not on breaks. They need to be off the entire time. If a proctor sees your phone, they can cancel your test and send you home.
  • KNOW YOUR TIME. Make sure the proctor clarifies what they are using to keep track of time: is it their watch or the clock in the room? Note: Proctors are NOT required to give you 5-minute warnings, so don’t expect them.
  • Be Patient. Expect a lengthy pre-test process to get everyone checked in and situated.