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We’ve made SAT and ACT preparation more affordable by offering discounts on some of our most popular programs. You can even combine SAT and ACT tutoring hours with AP or academic tutoring to maximize your savings. Your Compass tutors will make sure that you are ready for any test that comes your way.



Program Includes:
– Ten 90-minute lessons (15 hours of tutoring) at $250/hr
– Two Proctored or Digital Practice Tests ($50 each)
– $200 Enrollment Fee
Total Value: $4,050
Your Price: $3,150


Program Includes:
– Fourteen 90-minute lessons (21 hours of tutoring) at $250/hr
– Three Proctored or Digital Practice Tests ($50 each)
– $200 Enrollment Fee
Total Value: $5,600
Your Price: $4,600


Program Includes:
– Twenty 90-minute lessons (30 hours of tutoring) at $250/hr
– Four Proctored or Digital Practice Tests ($50 each)
– $200 Enrollment Fee
Total Value: $7,900
Your Price: $6,400


If you’d prefer not to commit to a pre-paid package, Compass continues to offer a pay-as-you-go option. An initial deposit of $950 covers your $200 enrollment fee and the first two lessons (3 hours) of tutoring. Thereafter, we simply charge by the lesson. All proctored and digital practice tests are billed at $50 each.
All programs include:
  • 1-on-1 in-person tutoring with flexible scheduling
  • Test prep instructors matched to your needs
  • Comprehensive set of Compass course materials
  • Ongoing guidance from experienced program directors
  • Interactive score reports that detail your testing strengths and weaknesses

These offers are for in-person tutoring and are available exclusively for Compass students who reside in the Houston area. Online tutoring packages are also available. Promotional pricing is available through May 31, 2024. Package payments are non-refundable and the lessons are non-transferable, but may be used through spring of senior year (or within one year of purchase for graduating students). Additional lessons after the package has concluded are billed at the pay-as-you-go rate. Additional proctored practice tests can be added for $50 per test.

Have questions? Speak with an expert.

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