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Updated 3/20/2020

The world has been upended this week and that includes the education world. Every high school junior is wondering what this means for current coursework, final exams, AP exams, college admission testing, and college applications. We are available to help you work through it all. As always, our guidance and recommendations will be tailored to your specific circumstances and needs, so we invite you to reach out to us to schedule an individualized discussion.

More broadly, Compass has made a few significant adjustments in response to the shelter-in-place conditions:

Our Management Team is Fully Functional and Available to Support You 

We have set up all of our team members to work safely from home. Communication is seamless through all of our normal channels. We are available to schedule 1-on-1 consultations, fulfill practice test requests, and provide any academic or test prep tutoring resources you need.

All Tutoring Sessions Are Online Temporarily

Online lessons are live and one-on-one with our tutors. We have more than a decade of experience delivering instruction online with thousands of students. We can handpick tutors from our nationwide talent pool to ensure the best match, and we have content matter experts in nearly every academic subject. We can transition back to in-home tutoring as soon as possible.

All Practice Tests Are Available Online

We can accommodate you with a practice test to take at home, either supervised by a live proctor online, or self-administered using our library of recorded video proctors to ensure proper timing. We have expanded our capacity to handle more online test takers and we have sessions scheduled especially for those students who are approved for extended time.

Planning Ahead

The April ACT and May SAT/Subject Tests have been canceled. The AP exams will be administered at-home in a much shorter, online format. Please review our detailed coverage of these developments and reach out to us to discuss how this alters your strategic planning.

Our current advice to juniors is:

  1. If schools reopen this spring, then anticipate SAT/ACT sites reopening as well. Consider preparing for June ACT, SAT, and/or Subject Tests as you normally would until you hear otherwise;
  2. Register immediately for June ACT or SAT dates if you haven’t already. You may need to expand your radius to find an available seat;
  3. Arrive early to your scheduled test and expect delays or disruptions due to larger crowds;
  4. Register for back-up dates (July, August etc.) as soon as possible in the event that more test dates are canceled. We will alert you when new test date registrations open and you should watch for these as well;
  5. If applicable, contact your director soon to discuss AP exam preparation.

We recognize that this is an unprecedented and unique situation and we understand what you are going through. We feel fortunate that we can make these temporary adjustments while contributing to the collective effort to contain the spread of the virus.

We will continue to closely monitor things and provide you with regular updates. We remain fully staffed and equipped to respond to your needs, questions, and concerns. Please contact us whenever we can help.

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