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Welcome Headfirst Families!

We understand that fulfilling your goal of becoming a thriving collegiate student-athlete at a top institution requires outstanding scholastic achievement along the way. The higher you reach academically, the better your college playing options will be.

Compass is widely recognized by education leaders as the top choice for comprehensive and customized 1-on-1 and small-group instruction for college-bound students. We strive to deliver a premium experience to every student to ensure they have everything needed to achieve academic success throughout high school and in college. In addition to being the industry’s leading provider of SAT/ACT Prep, Compass offers ongoing individualized academic support. Last year, Compass tutors collectively taught 68 different subjects, including 29 AP subjects, to students in 42 states.

To serve our discerning clientele, we are led by a veteran group of expert directors and managers who support and continually grow our whip-smart team of subject-specialist tutors. Those tutors benefit from world-class curricula, sophisticated technology, and our tireless commitment to research and professional development.

Specific Class Year Offerings for Headfirst Clients

Setting the Academic Readiness Cornerstone of the Roadmap

Headfirst Roadmap Member Pricing: 10% off the hourly rate and a waived $200 enrollment fee for one-on-one tutoring.
*Must sign-up by December 31, 2023. Cannot be combined with other offers or packages.

Edition 3 Resources for all Class Years

Use the code HEADFIRST for 10% off your group class enrollment!


Provide comprehensive
preparation for the SAT or ACT, focusing on tips and strategies to maximize test scores. Classes are deliberately capped at 15 students and include 20 hours of instruction and five full-length practice exams.

Explore SAT & ACT

11th and 12th Graders

Academic Enrichment

Provide a powerful headstart for students who need to strengthen their foundational math, reading, and writing skills before beginning formal SAT or ACT preparation. These classes include 12 hours of instruction and diagnostic assessments in Math & Reading.

Explore Academic Enrichment

9th and 10th Graders

Math Summer Bridge

Provide students with a head start in Algebra II, Precalculus, or Calculus. The program consists of four two-hour sessions taught by Compass’ most experienced math instructors who use engaging, interactive discussion to keep students motivated.

Explore Summer Math

10th, 11th, and 12th Graders

College Writing Prep

Prepares students of all writing abilities to transition from high school to college writing. The program consists of six 90-minute sessions with writing specialists, many of whom are current or former first-year college writing teachers.

Explore College Writing

12th Graders and High School Graduates

Class of 2024

Edition 2 Resources

Group Learning with Compass

Learning in a group setting means someone else asks the question you may not have thought to ask. Our lively courses are led by Compass expert instructors who specialize in the subject they teach. Click the buttons below for more information about our class offerings. Check your Headfirst Roadmap email for an exclusive 10% discount code!

Compass SAT and ACT classes provide comprehensive preparation for the tests, focusing on tips and strategies to maximize test scores.


Compass AP classes provide students with core strategies, practice test opportunities, and grading insights into some of the most popular AP Exams. Plus check out this article to see how colleges and universities use AP Exam scores in admissions.


Edition 1 Resources

SAT vs. ACT: Making Your Best Choice

While both the SAT and ACT are equally accepted by colleges and universities, there are differences in their pace and structure. Each test-taker is unique; make the best choice for you.

Take a practice ACT, SAT, or both in the Compass Online Testing Center. Then join us on March 9th at 8pm Eastern | 5pm Pacific for an exclusive expert-led webinar for student-athletes & parents focused on the SAT vs. ACT and providing you with guidance to make your best choice. If you missed the live event, a recording has been posted below.


Class of 2025

Edition 2 Resources

How Colleges and Universities Use AP Exam Scores

AP participation is at an all-time high as students look for ways to present rigor on their transcripts. Earning strong grades and top exam scores in advanced courses like these help applicants stand out in competitive admissions contexts. To understand how colleges recognize and reward demonstrated accomplishments in AP coursework and exams, click below for a list of 150+ college and university AP Exam policies.


Compass AP classes provide students with core strategies, practice test opportunities, and grading insights into some of the most popular AP Exams. Check your Headfirst Roadmap email for an exclusive 10% discount code!


Edition 1 Resources

The Digital Road Ahead

The PSAT and SAT are about to undergo their most significant change ever and the class of 2025 will be the first in the US to face these new exams.

Join us on March 2nd at 8pm Eastern | 5pm Pacific for a webinar that will unlock much of that information in ways that are easy to understand and act upon. Webinar registration includes the opportunity to be among the first students in the country to experience the brand new PSAT in its digital, adaptive format. If you missed the live event, a recording has been posted below.


Class of 2026 & Younger

Edition 2 Resources

Build Study Habits that Will Last a Lifetime

Now more than ever, students are being called upon to take responsibility for their own learning experience. Compass’s Study Skills and Organizational Coaching is designed to help students develop the study, time management, and organizational skills to help them stay on track. Headfirst Roadmap subscribers receive 10% off a Compass SSOC program!


Edition 1 Resources

Hindsight’s Benefit: What Freshmen Can Learn From Seniors About Maximizing Grades & Test Scores

Many of our clients started with Compass years ago when their first child reached the college testing stage. It’s fun to hear returning parents reflect on what they learned about the college process—and testing in particular—the first time through. It’s also a chance to make sure they are caught up on what has changed. But whether you’ve done this before or your first (or only) child is a current freshman, this post will help you anticipate what’s ahead and allow you to chart an individualized course from a posture of confidence.



Schedule your testing consultation with a Compass Director

Compass Directors are leading experts in the field of admission testing. They will personally lead every aspect of your experience with Compass, including program recommendations, tutor selection, and ongoing oversight.

The Compass Resource Center

Download the latest version of…

The Compass Guide to College Admission Testing

…in our comprehensive Resource Center. Get answers to the most important questions, including:

  • How competitive are your test scores?
  • What is the most effective calendar for testing?
  • How do the SAT and ACT compare?
  • What are the implications of ‘test optional’ policies?
  • How do you interpret PSAT scores?
  • What do I need to know about the new digital adaptive SAT? 

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