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Take an ACT Practice Test Supervised by a Live, Online Proctor


Standard Time:
  • Every other Saturday at 6a.m. Pacific | 9a.m. Eastern
  • Alternating Saturdays & Sundays at 10a.m. Pacific | 1p.m. Eastern
Extended Time:
  • Every other Saturday at 9:30a.m. Pacific | 12:30p.m. Eastern

This summer, we are offering online proctored practice test sessions on July 24th and August 14th. Both Standard and Extended Time will begin at 10a.m. Pacific | 1p.m. Eastern on these dates.

If our schedule of online practice tests doesn’t match students’ availability, they can take a digital version of the SAT or ACT through our Online Testing Center which generates immediate results with advanced analytics and can be scheduled on-demand. Or, students can request self-proctoring instructions to use at their convenience.


Please call us at (800) 685-6986 or email admin@compassprep.com to RSVP.

There is a $50 fee for all online proctored practice tests.

Looking to take an SAT? Click here.

As part of our Practice Test Donation Campaign, 10% of the proceeds from all practice tests will be donated to organizations that enact social change through educational programming! Click here to meet this quarter’s recipient and learn more the PTDC.

How It Works

We Send You a Practice Test

You’ll receive a physical practice test in the mail the week leading up to your online proctored practice test. We’ll also email you instructions for logging into the virtual testing room.

Meet Your Online Proctor

On test day, you’ll log into the online testing room and meet your proctor. He or she will greet you and begin the test. Move through the sections according to the proctor’s directions.

Send Your Test in for Grading

At the end of the test, your proctor will give you instructions to submit your test for grading. Once received, we’ll dismiss you and send your score report as soon as it’s available.

More Details

Compass provides a variety of options for clients and prospective clients to take practice SATs, PSATs, and ACTs under realistic conditions, and our reporting engine provides insights such as Similar Scorers, SAT/ACT Comparison, and Attractor Answers that no other score report can deliver. You can see one of our interactive score reports here.

For students just getting started, practice tests are an essential part of choosing a test, a timeline, and a plan for preparation. For students already working with Compass, practice tests are an essential part of our programs. See Making a Practice of Practice Testing for a detailed explanation of the benefits of practice testing.

It’s up to you whether you choose the flexibility of a self-administered test or the realism of taking a proctored test with other students. Your Compass director or tutor may make specific recommendations based on your needs. Compass directors are available to help you interpret your results and turn them into concrete decisions.

Self-administered exams: At your convenience.

We can set you up with a test and instructions for self-administration at home. We even have online ACT videos to provide virtual proctoring. Once you complete the exam, you can enter your answers yourself for immediate results or let us handle it for you.

Proctored Practice Sessions: Professionally administered, structured environment.

Some students prefer having a live proctor to mimic the exact testing environment. We provide both online (ACT only) and in-person practice test sessions. Your full score report, including essay scoring, is generally available within two business days for paper tests and immediately for digital tests.

Testing Accommodations

If you would like to inquire about extended time accommodations, please email us at testing@compassprep.com.

Some restrictions apply.