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3 ACT Writing Errors Students Make

By June 22, 2018July 15th, 2024ACT, Featured

3 ACT Writing Errors Students Make


When you’ve finally completed your 215th bubble of the ACT test, you probably wish you could go home.  And you can… after you rock the writing section. While you’re picking up points, the person next to you is probably lost in these 3 common writing errors.  Here’s how to avoid them.

1.Show me the numbers.

Weak essay writers usually forget we are at trial and the jury needs evidence!  To score high, just think “and now, exhibit A.” Gather your testimony, and remember the development.  For each point to your argument, envision the courtroom. What’s your evidence and why does it matter?

2. Agree?  Disagree?  So what?

Your opinion is only the tip of the iceberg, and how always outshines what. After stating your perspective, try to get beyond your opinion quickly so you can get to supporting it. Consider how your thoughts relate to the given perspectives and read between the lines.  If each perspective were a friend at a party, how would you all relate?

3. Streamline your organization.

The essay is fast-paced and you don’t have time for fancy organization schemes.  Low scorers have complicated or nonsensical organization that’s hard to follow. In your planning stage, decide if you want to organize your essay by perspective, idea or key point, and stick to it!  Jot down a few transition words and go for a straightforward intro and conclusion. Don’t stress the structure. Keep it simple.


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