7 Tough Questions (and Answers) About the New SAT

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Big Changes Are Coming, but Change Is Nothing New

The SAT has been around for nearly a century and has remained in a near constant state of alteration from the start. Its rate of evolution has accelerated in the last few decades, however, with major changes in 1994 and 2005 and now a sweeping redesign for the class of 2017 and beyond. The new SAT will be hardly recognizable to those who took the SAT prior to 1994

This redesign generates important questions for students. While the factual details of the overhaul are now known and comprehensively addressed in our new SAT course book, in The Compass Guide to College Admission Testing, and on our website, this resource  – linked below in PDF form – covers some of the more nuanced issues and consequences of the forthcoming changes. These questions include:

  1. Why Is the SAT Changing?
  2. How is the SAT Changing?
  3. Is the New SAT Easier or Harder?
  4. What Will My New Scores Mean?
  5. What Are All These New Subscores?
  6. Why Can’t I Get an 800 on the PSAT?
  7. What Will Colleges Require?


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