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“College Essay Guy” Podcast Interview with Compass Co-Founder

The College Essay Guy, aka Ethan Sawyer, runs a platform (blog, podcast, website) providing college admission related guidance to tens of thousands of followers. He recently interviewed me for his podcast. We had a frank discussion covering a lot of ground, including timely takes on the ins and outs of college admission tests in 2018. I had fun discussing these topics in a less formal venue than my typical scenario of presenting to audiences at schools, allowing me to offer some more personal takes on some of the issues. Please check it out and share with anyone that might find it useful! And whether you’re in the college admission process as a parent or as a professional, I highly recommend subscribing to Ethan’s newsletter and checking out all the other great content on his site.


Adam Ingersoll

Adam began his career in test prep in 1993 while at the University of Southern California, where he was a student-athlete on the basketball team, worked in the admission office, and graduated magna cum laude. Over the last three decades he has guided thousands of families to successful experiences with standardized tests and has mentored hundreds of the industry's most sought-after tutors. Adam is known nationally as a leading expert on college admission testing and is a frequent presenter at higher ed conferences, faculty development workshops, and school seminars.

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