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Five Ways to Get a Jump Start on SAT Prep Today

By August 27, 2018September 14th, 2018SAT

If you’re starting to think about the college admissions process but it seems to early to begin test prep, there are still a ton of great things you can do.  Here are five great ways to make the most of the time you have.

  1. Read.  

Even though you’re doing a lot of reading in school, you’re probably mostly used to analyzing literature. Only one out of the five reading passages on the SAT is from a piece of fiction, however. Get in the habit of reading your local newspaper or a national publication like The New York Times, Popular Science, or Time.  You’ll be a better citizen of humanity, and you’ll improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension too!

  1. Brush up on your formulas.

From the vertex form of a parabola to quadratic factoring patterns like difference of squares, the SAT tests your knowledge of formulas you had to memorize in school.  It may have been a while since you’ve thought about some of these topics (like finding the slope of a line), but now’s the time to start.

  1. Become a grammar pro.

Do you know how to properly use a semi-colon?  What’s the difference between a coordinating and subordinating conjunction?  The SAT tests students on a consistent list of grammar rules, and learning them now will save you time and hassle later.  

  1. Do a little bit every day.

At this point, consistency is key, and you can use the luxury of time to your advantage.  Read an article or two or learn a new grammar rule every day, and the things you’ve learned will stick with you for longer.  “Slow and steady wins the race” is a cliché for a reason!

  1. Take a practice test.

When you feel ready, take an SAT practice test.  It will help you get a sense of your score range and provide a portrait of your testing strengths and weaknesses.  Compass offers complimentary, obligation-free practice test sessions virtually every weekend. For more information or to sign up for a practice test, click here.

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