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SAT June Scores to Arrive Later than Usual (and what that means for summer prep)

By May 25, 2018May 30th, 2018SAT

June 2nd SAT scores will be returned later than usual.

College Board usually reserves about 2 weeks to return your multiple choice scores. It can take another week or so to get your essay score.

This year, however, the June 2nd multiple choice scores won’t be available until July 11th, over 5 weeks from the test day.

Those extra few weeks might not seem like a big deal. But for a student retaking the test on August 25th—those few weeks could be a perfect time to prep! Summer can easily get filled with activities, camps, and vacations. This business of summer often picks up in July, making June ideal for concentrating on test prep.

College Board has indicated that this delay will be a regular occurrence for June testers. In 2019, the June 1st test scores won’t be available until July 10th.

The best advice we can give is that if you’re considering targeting that August test date, don’t wait until your summer calendar is filled to start preparing. Summer slips by all too quickly.

The Compass Team

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  • Karen Arrese says:

    Is there anything we as customers can do to encourage (pressure) College Board to change thier policy on this? As they are competing directly with ACT since the test changes, it seems unwise to put students who choose their test at a disadvantage. As I am sure many families do, we need these scores to make some important decisions about our daughter’s future. Is there any recourse for this seemingly arbitrary decision? Thank you!

  • ali says:

    Hi. I am hearing college board and act are coming out with a new concordance chart this week. Do you have any information or predictions of what they are changing?

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