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"I attended a Compass presentation with many questions
about how to prep and plan for upcoming college
admission tests. Compass put my mind at ease
and helped define my son's testing roadmap."

- Jennifer R, Mother of John
10th Grader at St. Ignatius

SAT / PSAT Preparation

College admission testing has become only more confounding since 2020. Tracking and interpreting test-optional policies within an increasingly competitive landscape is one of many challenges confronting college-bound students. At Compass, preparation begins with informed guidance and strategic planning that determines an individualized testing pathway well before tutoring begins.

The choice between the SAT and ACT has always been consequential due to differences in the academic content, pace, and structure. And while the current SAT bears some resemblance to the ACT, soon the 21st century dovetailing of the two exams will diverge.

Given testing’s constant state of evolution, we meet regularly with senior leadership at the testing agencies and with college admissions directors to remain at the nexus of higher ed policymakers, application readers, and consumers. We guided clients through major SAT redesigns in 1994, 2005, and 2016 as well as the chaos caused by the pandemic. And as the SAT approaches its most significant change ever in 2023 to a digital-only adaptive format, Compass once again leads the way in guiding families and counselors through major transitions.

No matter your path, we have you covered. Our curriculum and research teams pay relentless attention to new test-construction developments and subtle admission trends to serve our more important goal of keeping our clients well-informed, well-prepared, and in sync with their college admissions goals.

Give us a call at 888-315-9342 for more information or to set up an SAT / PSAT Practice Test.

Success Stories

Compass is clearly one of the best investments you can make in your child's future. They offer a myriad of tools - consulting, practice tests, and individualized tutoring - to help your child understand her strengths and weaknesses on admissions tests. Our daughter improved her score by more than 400 points and we are THRILLED by the results!

Donna R, Mother of Justine, 11th Grader at Tamalpais High School

Our two sons both used Compass for SAT prep. The tutors' level of professionalism, engagement, and knowledge made a significant difference in final test scores. I recommend Compass without reservation and feel confident that their high standards of excellence distinguishes them from their competitors.

Marla G, Mother of Joshua, 10th Grader at Milken Community High School

Catherine found her work with Compass to be the key to comfort in the standardized testing process. Thank you for your superior tutors in several subjects and relaxed drop-in practice test sessions. We will spread the news of your great program to Catherine's classmates!

Marilyn J, Mother of Catherine, 11th Grader at Convent of the Sacred Heart

Our son is not a big fan of school and wasn't very enthusiastic about having to spend more time studying for the SAT. Both of our tutors were very understanding and able to modify their techniques to fit with to his style of learning. Specifically, he benefited from the tactical approach that Compass offers and was able to raise his score 230 points. We were VERY pleased.

Carla K, Mother of Travis, 12th Grader at La Canada High School

The service that Compass provides, including practice tests and SAT prep, were beyond fantastic! Shannon brought up her test scores in all areas. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Compass!

Tara M, Mother of Shannon, 11th Grader at Woodside Priory

The ability to take mock full-length practice tests with rapid-scoring helped us assess our son's strengths and weaknesses. The tutors you sent to our home were terrific; they organized and motivated our son to ensure high test scores and improved study habits.

Larry T, Father of Graham, 12th Grader at Redwood High School

We were originally apprehensive about working online, but our grandson needed the flexibility due to his extensive travel schedule. The results speak for themselves: a 300-point increase with a 780 in Critical Reading! Our director assigned the perfect instructor to Wesley, and communication and responsiveness from all staff were outstanding from start-to-finish.

Caitlin H, Grandmother of Wesley, 12th Grader at Coppell High School (Texas)

We discovered Compass after one of our sons took the SAT and was not satisfied with his scores. Subsequently, after working with Compass and taking a couple practice tests, his SAT scores improved considerably. We were very impressed with the quality of the tutors, the professionalism of the organization, and Compass' willingness to work with us to achieve improved results. These attributes as well as our past experiences led us back to Compass as our next son was preparing to take his SAT.

Bard S, Father of Connor, 12th Grader at San Ramon Valley High School

My son had an outstanding experience with his tutors. Not only did they help him to receive the amazing score of 1560 on his SAT, but he also developed relationships with them. I think the fact that he felt connected to his tutors made him willing to work hard and to persist. I often heard them laughing together on Skype while they worked. Compass tutors have a very unique ability to push kids hard while creating connections with them. As an educator, I was extremely impressed.

Maria C, Mother of Liam, 12th Grader at Washtenaw International

We are extremely impressed with the Compass leadership team. The personal attention they gave our son helped him to improve his score by over 200 points on his SAT. The Compass team excelled right from from the start, analyzing his test results, and providing relevant study materials and coaching to help gear him up for his best exam day ever.

Robert P, Father of William, 12th Grader at the Harker School

We used Compass for my son for the SAT. He's a smart boy who really needed good test scores to offset an average GPA. Thanks to Compass, he improved his SAT by 310 points, putting him in the 97th percentile in Critical Reading, and 91st percentile in Math. Our tutors were phenomenal and offered my son much encouragement for his senior year, far beyond just helping him with the SAT prep.

Marly M, Mother of Drake, 12th Grader at Redwood High School

We could not be happier about our experience with Compass. Both our program director and my son's instructor were invaluable in helping him achieve his goals for the March SAT. The pairing with his instructor was spot-on and the instruction he received throughout his lessons (content, strategies and study tips) was outstanding. Not only did the study plan help him feel confident and prepared going into the test, but it produced great results, as well.

Katie L, Mother of Nicholas, 11th grader at The Bolles School

Compass rocks! Our daughter received a 750 in Math and a 700 on Critical Reading. Compass will be our number one recommendation.

Teri C, Mother of Erin, 11th Grader at University High School

Compass' tutors were friendly, knowledgeable, and attuned to the needs of our son. They came to each session armed with study and test-taking strategies that were applicable beyond just taking the SAT. After tutoring had finished, our son obtained a combined score of 1480 - the scores were so good, in fact, that he will not bother taking the exam a second time!

Mitchell P, Father of Colin, 11th Grader at Lick-Wilmerding High School

Like many teenagers, my daughter has a busy schedule, juggling school, work, and life. It was difficult for her to find any SAT prep class that fit her schedule. Compass was recommended to us and it was the perfect solution for the scheduling issue. Even though her tutor, Ben, was on the West Coast, through Compass' online tutoring program, he was able to give her useful testing tips, coached her on content, and helped build her confidence. With Compass' help, my daughter went from a 1400 to 1560.

Irene B, mother of Grace, 12th grader at Sacred Heart

There are not enough adjectives to convey just how wonderful Compass - and its tutors - have been to work with in preparing my daughter for the SAT. My daughter loved her tutors and their specialized approach made her more relaxed and secure. We feel incredibly blessed and would highly recommend Compass for their professional and kind demeanor throughout the entire process.

Diane C, Mother of Taylor, 12th Grader at Oakwood School

We used Compass for our son who took the SAT in December. Overall, the preparation was highly targeted and enhanced our son's weakest areas. Instead of focusing on tricks or repetition, the tutors at Compass genuinely taught our son advanced material - a necessity for a high-scoring student.

Eugene F, Father of Christian, 11th Grader at Palisades Charter High School

We used Compass for my son's SAT preparation. Prior to starting one-to-one, Daniel took a very successful prep class - also organized by Compass - but we wanted additional guidance and strategy. We simply followed the guidance of our director, who matched our son with a very knowledgable and skilled tutor. Our director was instrumental to our son's success: he took his last SAT in June and received a perfect 800 in Critical Reading.

Jung H, Father of Daniel, 12th Grader at Windward School

We really enjoyed working with Compass and are extremely happy with our daughter's progress on the SAT. Our tutors played a very critical role in helping our daughter achieve her score goals, and our director was incredibly helpful in selecting the right tutors and monitoring the results.

Mark A, Father of Lauren, 11th Grader at Viewpoint School

Our two daughters used Compass for test preparation - one for SAT prep, the other for ACT prep. We were very pleased with the results of both girls' programs and found Compass' tutors to be responsive, flexible, prompt, and great at empowering our girls. I often recommend Compass when friends ask about test preparation.

Beth F, Mother of Dana and Jenna, 12th Graders at Milken Community School

Coming from a large, competitive high school, we knew test scores would be an important piece of the college acceptance puzzle. When we found Compass, they offered a personalized and targeted approach that met the busy schedule of our daughter. The prep not only helped with the SAT and ACT, but also with time management and strategy on all AP Tests. Thank you, Compass - our daughter went from panic to acceptance to her dream school, Johns Hopkins!

Jamie R, Mother of Rebecca, 12th Grader at La Canada High School

We appreciated the student-friendly nature of Compass. My son could communicate with the office and his tutors easily and immediately. The tutors chosen for us were professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond to texts and messages. By the end our was in total control of his studying for the SAT, a lesson in education as well as responsibility. And one last thing, Nate improved his SAT score by over 450 points!

Rachel G, Mother of Nate, 12th Grader at Palisades Charter High School

The Compass staff were very professional and caring. My director personally emailed me and provided feedback in great detail; he was also extremely flexible, taking different approaches to boost my daughter's score. Additionally, the tutors were perfectly matched with my daughter and easy to schedule lessons with. Compass was an amazing experience for our family, and I highly recommend them.

Reka S, Mother of Kiran, 12th Grader at the Marlborough School for Girls

We used Compass to prepare my daughter for the SAT and had the best experience. My daughter improved by 200 points, resulting in a total score of 1540. My director's advising was terrific, and it's clear that Compass puts your child first - a rarity in today's business world.

Sheila B, Mother of Hannah, 11th Grader at Harvard-Westlake School

Our son is a talented student and athlete. He was being recruited by Ivy League schools, so test scores became increasingly important. Following six weeks of preparation, our son improved his SAT score by 250 points and is in the ideal range for highly selective schools. I would recommend Compass to anyone and I plan on continuing our relationship with my younger son and daughter!

Chris W, Father of Matthew, 11th Grader at Mira Costa High School

Compass was a great help in motivating my daughter and improving her SAT score. The proctored practice tests gave her the necessary experience of timing and test-taking strategies. We were pleased by the feedback and and immediate follow-up of score reports, which helped identify areas that needed additional improvement. My daughter enjoyed the enthusiasm, helpfulness, and knowledgeability of her tutors, who were also able to accommodate her busy schedule. Thank you, Compass!

Lisa C, Mother of Valerie, 11th Grader at Santa Monica High School

Compass provided excellent tutors that were a perfect match for my daughter. Also, she was able to take proctored practice tests in a group setting with her extended time - an option other companies could not provide. Her test scores improved approximately 200 points from her junior year PSAT to her spring SAT and rose an additional 30 points in her targeted areas when she took the SAT for the second time. We are very happy with her scores and the preparation it took to get her there.

Tina K, Mother of Heather, 11th Grader at Viewpoint School

Compass’s tutors helped our daughter improve her confidence and test scores on the SAT. She raised her test results by over 200 points. It takes a diligent, willing student, but it also takes patient, committed tutors to guide, structure and motivate. Compass provided the strategies and tools. They alleviated the stress at a very stressful time.

Stefan P, father of Elyse, 12th grader at Archer High School.

Our son was not a great standardized test taker, but thanks to his Compass English and Math tutors he was able to raise his SAT score by 330 points. Both tutors were not only fantastic teachers, but wonderful young men who really understood what made our son tick and how to inspire him. The Compass staff was very professional and available to answer any and all of our questions.

Becky H, Mother of Eli, 12th Grader at Campbell Hall

We were originally apprehensive about working online, but our grandson needed the flexibility due to his extensive travel schedule. The results speak for themselves: a 300-point increase with a 780 in Critical Reading! Our director assigned the perfect instructor to Wesley, and communication and responsiveness from all staff were outstanding from start-to-finish. Thank you!

Caitlin H, Grandmother of Wesley, 12th Grader at Coppell High School

Learn More about the SAT

Download a free copy of the Compass Guide to College Admission Testing. The Compass Guide contains answers to important questions about the SAT, including:

  • What does the SAT look like?
  • What is the structure and scoring of the SAT?
  • How do my scores compare to those of other students?
  • How does math on the SAT compare to math on the ACT?

SAT Dates and Registration Deadlines

SAT Date

August 26, 2023

October 7, 2023

November 4, 2023

December 2, 2023

March 9, 2024 (Digital)

May 4, 2024 (Digital)

June 1, 2024 (Digital)

Registration Deadline

July 28, 2023

September 7, 2023

October 5, 2023

November 2, 2023

February 23, 2024

April 19, 2024

May 17, 2024

Late Registration Deadline

August 15, 2023

September 26, 2023

October 24, 2023

November 21, 2023

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