2020 AP Exam Policies

On Friday, March 20, the College Board announced that they would offer the 2020 AP Exams in an abridged, online, remote format.  The announcement prompted questions about format, scoring, accommodations, exam security, the digital divide, and others, which we’ve been tracking and addressing in this blog post: College Board Announces 2020 APs will be 45 Minute Long, Taken at Home, Online.

The announcement also prompted questions about whether colleges would accept the 2020 exams, and if so, how enthusiastically, and on what terms?  Nearly two months after the announcement, many colleges have announced their policies; we’ve tracked, assembled, and coded the policies for over 100 competitive National Universities, and 25 Liberal Arts Colleges, in the table below. We will continue to update this resource as schools release statements about their AP credit policies. 

  • No Stated Policy (NSP) = the school has not made any announcements about treating the 2020 AP Exams differently from prior years’ exams; we will wait and see if they announce a credit policy.
  • Accept / Usual Credit = the school has announced that it will give credit for the 2020 AP Exams indistinguishably from prior and subsequent years’ traditional exams
  • Accept / Modified Credit = the school will accept results from the 2020 AP Exams, but has modified its policy in how it will confer credit.  Policy modifications differ by school. Examine these credit policies carefully.
  • Accept / Evaluating Credit = the school will accept results from the 2020 AP Exams, but is evaluating whether they will amend credit policies for the 2020 Exams. We will wait and see what credit policy they decide to announce. 
  • Accept / Own Placement Tests = the school will accept results from the 2020 AP Exams, but may ask students to supplement the AP results with the school’s own in-house placement exams. Examine these credit policies carefully.
  • Doesn’t Give Credit / No Change = the school does not typically confer course credit for AP Exams, and will not confer credit for the 2020 AP Exams either. 
  • Will Not Accept = the school conferred credit for traditional AP Exams, but will not confer credit for the 2020 AP Exams. 

Linked SchoolAP PolicyLanguage
American UniversityAccept / Usual CreditDue to COVID-19, the College Board has announced changes to the format of the AP 2019-20 AP exam administration. American University is committed to ensuring that AP students receive the appropriate AU credit they have earned as outlined below.
Amherst CollegeDoesn't Give Credit / No ChangeIf a student has taken International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement or college courses during secondary school, we view this as significant evidence of academic accomplishment and preparation. In addition some Amherst departments will allow a student to forego introductory level courses in areas in which rigorous work has already been completed. However, we do not accept such courses for credit or advanced standing.
BarnardAccept / Usual Credit** FOR EXAMS TAKEN IN SPRING 2020**: Barnard will accept AP and IB exams in the new format this year for credit. AP scores of 4 or 5 or IB scores of 5, 6 or 7 on HL exams will be considered for credit. Scores can determine placement into Barnard class sequences, but they will not exempt students from Foundations requirements. Students who would like their scores considered for credit should have their official scores sent to the Office of the Registrar. Barnard will accept a maximum of 16 credits.
BaylorAccept / Modified CreditNote - Baylor University will accept the 2020 AP abbreviated exam scores for credit as indicated in the table below with the exception of Music Theory. Since AP will only be providing a Total Score for Music Theory, students scoring a 5 on the exam will be given credit for MUS 1301 (Music Theory I). Students wishing to pursue credit for MUS 1101 (Musicianship I) should contact the School of Music.
BinghamtonAccept / Modified CreditAs a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AP Exams offered in May 2020 will transfer based on the following equivalencies, regardless of when a student enters Binghamton University.
Boston CollegeAccept / Usual CreditBoston College will continue to acknowledge our incoming students’ aptitude and hard work in rigorous academic coursework by maintaining our Advanced Placement policy which allows students to use qualifying scores to fulfill requirements in the University Core Curriculum.
Boston UniversityAccept / Usual CreditBoston University has decided to honor all current advanced credit policies for fall 2020. Please see our approved advanced credit policies for 2020-21.
BrandeisAccept / Usual CreditBrandeis is committed to ensuring that students receive credit for the rigorous coursework they completed this year. Brandeis will accept appropriate AP scores received on the shortened at home administration of the AP exam offered in Spring 2020 for credit transfer.
Cal TechNSPCaltech encourages all prospective undergraduate applicants to prepare by challenging themselves with the most rigorous course of study available, including the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. However, college credit for AP or IB classes is not automatic. Course credit and/or placement in an accelerated program is sometimes granted as deemed appropriate by the department faculty. The awarding of Caltech course credit takes place at the time of registration each fall.
CarletonAccept / Usual CreditCarleton continues to offer advanced standing (transfer) credit for up to three subjects from these systems as usual. We recognize that much work has already gone into this years’ study in these challenging qualifications, and even though many exams have been cancelled or modified, the examination boards have indicated they will still be awarding credentials that reflect the completion of that work. Please see the official websites of your exam boards for more details. Minimum grade requirements still apply. Credit will be granted provisionally upon receipt of official results.
Carnegie MellonAccept / Evaluating CreditAt Carnegie Mellon, each college or school has its own curriculum and thus decides how AP or IB exams contribute toward your degree. Carnegie Mellon may grant advanced placement and credit for 4s and 5s on AP exams taken in the College Board Advanced Placement program or for 6s and 7s on IB exams.
Case Western ReserveNSP
Claremont McKennaNSP
Clark UniversityNSP
ClemsonAccept / Usual CreditClemson University is committed to ensuring that AP students receive the credit they have worked so hard to earn. AP Exams will still be scored on the traditional scale of 1-5.
Colby*Doesn't Give Credit / No ChangeCredits shown do not count toward the 128 required for graduation, but can be used for advanced course placement and to satisfy distribution requirements.
ColgateAccept / Evaluating CreditColgate will continue to offer transfer and pre-matriculation (includes AP/IB/A-level) credits consistent with the practices of previous years. Department chairs may request equivalence modifications and award general institutional credit in some cases. The decision to pursue testing remains the individual choice of each student.
College of William and MaryAccept / Usual CreditThe College Board will administer an exam (albeit shorter and in a different modality than the norm) and will issue AP “scores;” William & Mary will accept the scores the College Board reports for 2020 and grant credit in accordance with our existing requirements.
Colorado School of MinesAccept / Modified CreditDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, adjustments have been made to the Mines AP Credit acceptance policy for
Calculus for students taking the 2020 AP Calculus BC Exam... It has been announced that the 2020 AP Calculus exam will not include an AB subscore. Because students
scoring a 3 on the Calculus BC exam often score a 4 or 5 on the AB subscore, the Mines policy for acceptance of
AP credit for Calculus will be as follows for students taking the 2020 AP Calculus BC Exam only: https://www.mines.edu/registrar/wp-content/uploads/sites/51/2020/04/AP-Calculus_4_30_2030.pdf
CornellAccept / Usual CreditFor students planning to start studies at Cornell in 2020, 2021, or 2022 who have been enrolled this term in accelerated programs such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Cambridge A-Levels, and who will be unable to take the exams or taking a different form of exam, Cornell will continue its current practices in awarding credit and course placement, using the modified results and reporting that the testing agencies have announced.
DavidsonAccept / Usual CreditThere will be no changes to our AP policies due to COVID-19 changes to the AP examination process.
DrexelNSPno change as of 5/1, still part of test-flexible
Duke UniversityNSP
ElonAccept / Usual CreditElon University awards credit for acceptable Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test scores.
EmoryAccept / Usual CreditEmory University will accept AP credit in the same way as we have in the past. Review our AP test and credit policies.
Florida State UniversityNSP
Fordham UniversityAccept / Usual CreditWe will continue to recognize the academic rigor of the Advanced Placement program and appropriately acknowledge your achievement in AP courses and on the 2020 online exams. Results for these modified AP exams will be considered for transfer credit in an identical manner to previous years.
George Washington UniversityAccept / Usual CreditWe understand that this is stressful when students have worked so hard taking these rigorous classes. We have kept our transfer credit policy in place, and we will honor the AP scores for all exams taken in spring 2020.
GeorgetownAccept / Evaluating CreditGeorgetown University is pleased to announce that it will honor the scores reported to us for the 2020 online AP exams. The amount of credit awarded will be determined by Georgetown’s AP policy, which is currently being reviewed, as it is every year, and will be finalized by individual departments later this spring. While some policies may change, they will NOT discriminate against 2020 AP scores based on the COVID-related adjustments to AP testing.
Georgia TechAccept / Usual CreditCollegeBoard has announced the transition to at home AP exams for 2020. To review Georgia Tech’s credit by exam policy for AP courses, please visit here.
GonzagaAccept / Usual CreditThe College Board announced changes to the Advanced Placement (AP) testing format. The changing test format will not affect Gonzaga’s policy for AP exams. We will honor our current policy.
HarvardAccept / NSP CreditSimilarly, you will not be disadvantaged if you are unable to submit AP results.
Harvey MuddAccept / Own Placement TestsGiven the nature of Harvey Mudd’s challenging curriculum, there are few courses for which AP or IB examinations afford placement credit. While a number of students will have some advanced placement from their prior experience, most first-year students will be enrolled in the default sequence of courses which begin at an appropriately advanced level, given the intial conditions of the entering class.
Indiana University - BloomingtonNSP
Johns HopkinsNSP
LehighAccept / Usual CreditScores from the new online format for AP exams will be honored according to our existing policies.
Loyola MarymountAccept / Usual CreditLMU is not changing our policy surrounding the acceptance of AP exam scores for credit. For more details, please click here.
MarquetteAccept / Usual CreditMarquette will award credit for achievement on AP examinations. You can view a list of AP credit transfers here. Official scores will need to be sent from College Board.
Miami University - OxfordNSPUsually accepts
Michigan State UniversityAccept / Usual CreditWe will honor the plans set forth by International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), GCE A-level examination boards and other institutions for final documentation of a students examinations and work. MSU will grant credit, where appropriate, based on the scores we receive from these organizations.
MITAccept / Own Placement TestsThe first thing you should know is that MIT has always awarded relatively limited credit for advanced placement exams offered by third party organizations. Instead, most MIT students who wish to accelerate their learning do so via our own Advanced Standing Examinations (ASEs), which allow students to demonstrate competency in several core subjects during their orientation.
New Jersey Institue of TechnologyNSPNJIT accepts credit for AP exams and IB higher level (HL) coursework.
North Carolina State University - RaleighNSPNC State only grants course credit for the AP tests and scores listed in the chart below. These policies are subject to change as NC State conducts periodic reviews of all placement and credit policies. You should contact your academic advisor or department with specific questions about your course credit.
NortheasternAccept / Usual CreditNortheastern understands the modality in which students will be tested for 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) exams will change due to the circumstances of COVID-19. We will continue to accept scores of 4 and 5 for transfer credit
NorthwesternAccept / Evaluating CreditTo the extent that AP and IB scores earn credit for our incoming students, our registrar’s office is working with academic departments to determine whether test modifications will affect our credit policies.
Notre DameAccept / Usual CreditThe Academy will continue to grant credit for examination in its current policy for those examinations that have moved online. For information on credit given for scores achieved,
NYUAccept / Usual CreditWe will be granting credit as normal for AP, IB, & A-Level exams taken in spring 2020.
Ohio State University - ColumbusAccept / Usual CreditThe OATN recognizes the need for these changes and the need to hold students harmless in light of these changes. Consequently, it is OATN policy that the FY 20 Spring AP Exam scores will be accepted for college credit, using the same guarantees that exist in current policy.
Oregon State UniversityAccept / Usual Credit"If you are taking AP exams at home during the Spring 2020 due to Covid-19 you will be awarded credit based on the score earned in the same way we would have if you were at school and taking the longer exam."
Penn StateNSP
PomonaAccept / Usual CreditThere is no change to our policies for accepting AP and IB scores to award course credits. Course credit is awarded to students with scores of 4 or 5 on Advanced Placement (AP) exams; for scores of 6 or 7 on Higher-Level International Baccalaureate (IB) exams; and for comparable scores on British A-Level exams. Exams based on year-long courses receive one credit; exams based on semester-long courses receive one-half course credit. Credit is not granted for exams that duplicate each other, such as AP and IB English Literature.
PrincetonAccept / Evaluating CreditPrinceton academic departments are reviewing their credit policies for Advanced Placement (AP) tests administered in May 2020 because changes in coverage and format could affect the relationship between these tests and the material covered and assessed in analogous Princeton courses. Our primary concern is that students be placed appropriately for success in our sequenced courses, and so some language and science departments will require incoming students to take a Princeton test to confirm course placement and credit. Other departments, including economics, English, and history, have determined there will be no change in the credit policies for tests in these areas. Provisional IB and A-level score reports for 2020 will be used for placement purposes only.
PurdueAccept / Usual CreditPurdue will continue to accept AP credit as usual.
Rensselaer PolytechnicNSP
RiceAccept / Usual CreditDue to CDC guidance related to COVID-19, Spring 2020 AP Exams are being conducted online and IB and A-Level examinations have been suspended, to be replaced with either a diploma, a grade or a course certificate reflecting the student’s standard of work. Rice will accept these Spring 2020 results in lieu of traditional AP, IB and A-Level examination results.
RutgersAccept / Own Placement TestsThere is no change for how AP credits are awarded for students entering in Fall 2020. However, since some of the 2020 Advanced Placement exams will not include all of the units typically covered on those exams, students who earn scores of 4 and 5 on some exams in the 2020 test administration may need to consult with faculty and professional advisors to determine if they have the prerequisite knowledge and background to be successful in more advanced coursework in the fall semester. Once AP scores are received in July, advisors will reach out to students as appropriate with more information and guidance.
Saint Louis UniversityAccept / Usual CreditWe will honor AP/CLEP/IB scores as they have amended their policies due to COVID-19.
Santa Clara UniversityNSP
Smith CollegeAccept / Usual CreditSmith College will grant credit for the modified Advanced Placement exams taken in May 2020 in accordance with our existing prematriculation credit policy (https://www.smith.edu/about-smith/registrar/transfer-credit). When the AP credit is being used to meet a prerequisite requirement, the student must have a conversation with the course instructor or a representative of the department to verify that they have a comprehensive grasp of the background that is essential for that course. In some disciplines, the student may be required to take a subject matter/placement exam in order to demonstrate that knowledge.
Southern Methodist UniversityAccept / Usual CreditIn response to school closings due to the impact of COVID-19, the College Board AP Exams were administered online in May 2020. SMU recognizes both the need for these changes and the effort that students already made in these challenging courses. The university remains committed to granting academic credit to students for the successful completion of 2020 AP Exams.
StanfordAccept / Usual CreditWe understand the College Board has changed the AP exam format due to COVID-19. Even with this change, we are maintaining our current AP credit and Advanced Standing policy. We also remain committed to holistic admission: your entire application, including optional AP exam scores, will be reviewed within the context of these uncertain circumstances and the adjusted exam format. AP test scores are not required for Stanford’s application.
Stevens Institute of TechnologyNSP
Stony BrookNSP
SwarthmoreAccept / Evaluating CreditSwarthmore's academic departments set their own policies about awarding credit, which may change based on the College Board’s recent announcement that the 2019-20 exams will be administered in an online, 45-minute test format. We will provide an update on our AP and IB Credit website as soon more information is available.
Syracuse UniversityNSP
TCUNSPThrough several methods, above-average students may earn academic credit for college-level learning by taking an examination in the appropriate area.
Texas A&MAccept / Usual CreditTexas A&M University accepts scores on certain College Board Advanced Placement tests for credit in selected courses.
TulaneAccept / Usual CreditTulane will continue to accept AP, IB, and A Level scores without any change to our previously established equivalency chart. Scores from shortened AP exams, and scores determined from previous internal assessment and practice exams (IB and A Level) will continue to carry the same weight as previous years.
U of ChicagoAccept / NSP CreditUChicago does not require AP or SAT Subject Test results for any applicant. We understand that many students’ preparation for or ability to take these exams will be impacted by current events. Supplemental testing is not required in our admission process, even for test-optional candidates, and it will not impact a student’s application if they are unable to share these test results with us next year.
UC BerkeleyAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UC DavisAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UC IrvineAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UC RiversideAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UCLAAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UCSBAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UCSCAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UCSDAccept / Usual CreditUC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.
UNC Chapel HillNSP
University of GeorgiaAccept / Usual CreditThe University of Georgia remains committed to assessing the successful completion of 2020 Advanced Placement Exams. The UGA Credit Equivalencies for AP scores and credit awards are correct as published on the Office of the Registrar webpage.
University of BuffaloAccept / Usual CreditAn official score report from the College Board showing a minimum score of 3 on any AP Exam will guarantee credit will be awarded. In some cases, credit awarded may apply toward major, general education, or other university degree requirements.
University of ConnecticutAccept / Usual CreditUConn will recognize the effort that students have already made in these challenging courses and will continue to award credit consistent with previous years for 2020 AP online exams.
University of DelawareNSPScores & Credit: No credit is awarded for a score lower than 3, but individual subjects often require a higher minimum score.
University of DenverAccept / Usual CreditCollege Board will provide universities and colleges AP scores on the normal 1-5 scale, and DU will award credit based on our standard policies. Students must take the exams to receive credit from DU.
University of FloridaNSP
University of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignAccept / Usual CreditCollegeBoard has announced a modification to their May 2020 exams that will allow students to test at home. They will be awarding students a grade for each of their registered AP exams on the normal 1-5 scale. Our credit policies will remain the same. Incoming students will also have the opportunity to take departmental proficiency exams.
University of IowaAccept / Usual CreditYes, see our Advanced Placement Program Credit Policies for details.
University of Maryland - College ParkNSPCredits for AP exams are awarded based on departmental approval when the designated minimum score is earned. All departments reserve the right to reevaluate the content of exams and to change the assignment of credit, minimum required score and course equivalencies.
University of Massachusetts - AmherstAccept / Usual CreditUMass Amherst will follow our normal process of applying credit and course equivalency (if appropriate) to AP exams if the student provides results of the AP exam taken in spring of 2020 and receives the required score to award credit for a particular exam. Please visit the University Registrar website for more informations about AP test scores for spring 2020.
University of MiamiNSP
University of MichiganNSP
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesAccept / Usual CreditYes, the University of Minnesota will accept AP and IB credits if exams are taken from home due to the impact of COVID-19. The University of Minnesota respects the expertise of testing boards, schools and educational institutions to make alternative assessment plans, due to COVID-19, for students finishing their schooling in 2020.
University of PittsburghNSP
University of RichmondAccept / Usual CreditMany national exams such as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate have been moved online or cancelled. We will honor the published Credit-by-Exam policy for students entering fall 2020 who take standard or abbreviated AP exams or hold IB higher level certificates. Credit-by-exam policies are updated annually. As a reminder, UR does not require AP scores or IB scores as a condition of enrollment.
University of Rochester*Accept / Own Placement TestsWe will honor the plans set forth by International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), GCE A-level examination boards and other institutions for final documentation of a students examinations and work. MSU will grant credit, where appropriate, based on the scores we receive from these organizations.
University of Texas - AustinNSP
University of VirginiaNSP
University of WashingtonAccept / Usual CreditWe recognize all the work that goes into taking an AP course and/or studying for the exam. Rest assured that a change in testing format does not change how the UW awards credit for AP exams.
University of Wisconsin - MadisonAccept / Usual CreditThe College Board has announced modifications to the AP examinations offered for the 2019-20 academic year: examinations in the spring of 2020 will be administered as 45-minute online exams to be taken at home, in lieu of the traditional face-to-face format. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is aware of these changes to the AP examination. The university remains committed to granting students academic credit for the successful completion of their examinations and will continue to accept subject area scores as before. We appreciate students’ efforts to do their best under the circumstances and look forward to welcoming new Badgers next year.
UPennAccept / Usual CreditPenn will continue to grant credit and placement for these exams. Credit policies can be found here. We understand some scores will now be based on online tests, while other scores will be based on year-long academic coursework. Testing agencies are making prudent decisions to prevent large gatherings of people. We are in communication with testing agencies around the world and we support them in the decisions they feel they need to make.
US Military AcademyNSP
US Naval AcademyNSP
USCAccept / Usual CreditThe university’s AP credit-granting policy remains unchanged, since students will be able to sit for exams.
USD (University of South Dakota)NSP
USFNSPThe University awards credit that high school students may earn through the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations.
VanderbiltAccept / Usual CreditDespite significant changes surrounding the administration of AP exams, Vanderbilt has decided that our current policies for AP credit will remain in effect for the class entering in fall 2020.
Virginia TechAccept / Usual CreditUndergraduate Admissions will accept scores from any modified testing and credit policies that The College Board puts in place.
Wake ForestNSP
Washington and LeeNSP
Washington University in St. LouisNSPYou may be able to receive college credit based on AP, IB, British A-Level scores, or college coursework earned before your enrollment at Washington University as a first-year student. If your work meets the requirements it can be applied toward a degree. A maximum of 15 units of credit may be counted toward any undergraduate degree. These units will count toward graduation, but will not meet general curriculum requirements.
Worcester PolytechnicAccept / Evaluating CreditWPI faculty are evaluating the changes in exam administration for 2020 exams. Due to the shortened exam length, there will be topics that are not assessed in 2020 AP exams. The faculty will be reviewing these changes to ensure there aren’t content gaps in course equivalencies to ensure that students are successful in the WPI curriculum. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies wants to assure admitted and prospective students that there will be no change in our policy for the year and the faculty will work with students to be sure that they have the background they need to be successful at WPI.
YaleAccept / NSP CreditStudents who have completed AP Exams, IB Exams, or AICE Exams prior to submitting their applications may opt to self-report scores in the testing section of the Common Application, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge National College Match Application. Students who have completed any of these exams and who feel that their results demonstrate strength in specific academic areas may want to self-report those scores, but reporting them is entirely optional.

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