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Breaking Ground with the Compass Fundamentals Program

By July 12, 2018July 19th, 2019Featured, Fundamentals

If you’re in 9th or 10th grade, the SAT and ACT are probably starting to loom on your horizon. You may want to start preparing for them now, but it can be hard to know how or where to start. That’s why we’ve developed Compass Fundamentals, an 8-week enrichment course that helps you lay the foundation for successful testing.

Compass Fundamentals focuses on building knowledge. It’s perfect if you haven’t decided which test to take or if you want to use the summer lull to get familiar with the material and polish your skills. Our program helps build the grammar, reading comprehension, and math skills you will need to succeed on the SAT and the ACT. Presented in a ground-up format that lets you enter at any academic level, the program is flexible and inclusive. Our building-block approach lets you master more familiar skills and connect them directly to new concepts.

Compass Fundamentals will also help build your confidence. It allows you to strengthen skills that apply both to testing and to the classroom, and it makes the SAT and ACT less mysterious by helping you understand and master the concepts assessed by both tests. You’ll encounter that material in a natural and familiar setting that helps you cut through the confusion of testing traps and formats and lets you to focus on learning.

Compass Fundamentals programs are customized and personal, delivered by tutors in one-on-one lessons that fit your needs and schedule. Our tutors understand that you have unique strengths and interests, and they tailor your program to fit your goals and skill level. Wherever you’re starting in your testing journey, our tutors and programs can help you take the next step.

The Compass Team

Compass is one of the world's leading providers of in-home and online, live one-on-one tutoring for high school students aspiring to attend selective colleges.


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