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If sports, academics, extracurriculars, and a social life leave you struggling to fit in test prep, let our online tutors bring customized prep to you. Online tutoring gives you all of the benefits of one-on-one tutoring in an engaging, interactive format.

  • It’s convenient. You don’t have to travel, rearrange your schedule around a set class time, or give up sports or activities to fit it in. Your personal tutor comes straight to you, whether you’re just home from hockey practice or on vacation in Spain.
  • It’s hands-on. Video, text, and whiteboard apps let you learn the way you learn best. Talk with your tutor, diagram tough math problems in real time, or edit your latest essay as a shared document. Taking notes is quick and easy; you can type as you go and cut and paste examples straight in.
  • It’s personal. You get the best tutor for you, not just the nearest. You meet on your schedule and wherever you’re comfortable. Skip the crowded libraries – you can work from your desk, your couch, or your hotel room.  
  • The Internet is at your fingertips. From grammar rules to math formulas to online sample questions, you can instantly access information, examples, and fresh material.

You’ve got full support. You won’t just get an online tutor. You’ll have access to live proctored online practice tests. Schedule tight? Use one of our proctored testing videos! Our interactive score reports will give you quick, accessible feedback.

The Compass Team

Compass is one of the world's leading providers of in-home and online, live one-on-one tutoring for high school students aspiring to attend selective colleges.

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