College Admissions Requirements - SAT Subject Tests

This table is meant to provide information on the testing requirements for every major college and university that requires, recommends, or considers the SAT Subject Tests as part of the admissions process. Additional schools or information can be submitted to Compass. The outlined policies are for U.S. students graduating from accredited high schools applying as freshmen in the class of 2013 or beyond. The requirements for international students, home schooled students, and transfer students often vary.

More information for parents and students.

More information for college counselors and college admissions officers.

We believe that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list available, but no list can replace the nuances of a school's specific policy. Please visit the school website (see links below) or call the admissions office for the most accurate information.

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SchoolSubject Tests
Subject Tests
Subject Tests
Allegheny College  X*
American University  X*
Amherst College2*  *
Babson College  X*
Bard College  X*
Barnard College2*  *
Bates College  X*
Beloit College  X*
Bennington College  X*
Boston College  X*
Boston University  X*
Bowdoin College  X*
Brandeis University  X*
Brown University2*  *
Bryn Mawr College  X*
Bucknell University  X*
California Institute of Technology2*  *
Carleton College X* *
Carnegie Mellon University2*  *
Case Western Reserve University  X*
Claremont McKenna  X*
Colby College  X*
College of the Holy Cross  X*
College of William and Mary  X*
Colorado College  X*
Columbia University2*  *
Connecticut College  X*
Cooper Union  X*
Cornell University2*  *
Dartmouth College2*  *
Davidson College 2* *
Duke University2*  *
Emory University X* *
Franklin Olin College of Engineering  X*
George Washington University X* *
Georgetown University 3* *
Hamilton College  X*
Harvard College 2* *
Harvey Mudd College2*  *
Haverford College2*  *
Ithaca College  X*
Johns Hopkins University 2* *
Kenyon College  X*
Lafayette College X* *
Lehigh University X* *
Macalester College  X*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2*  *
McGill University2*  *
Middlebury College  X*
Mills College  X*
Mount Holyoke College  X*
New York University  X*
Northwestern University 2* *
Oberlin College  X*
Occidental College  X*
Pomona College2*  *
Pratt Institute  X*
Princeton University2*  *
Randolph-Macon College  X*
Reed College  X*
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  X*
Rice University2*  *
Scripps College  X*
Smith College  X*
St. Lawrence University  X*
Stanford University X* *
Swarthmore College2*  *
Trinity College (CT)  X*
Tufts University2*  *
Union College  X*
University of Arizona  X*
University of California, Berkeley  X*
University of California, Davis  X*
University of California, Irvine  X*
University of California, Los Angeles  X*
University of California, Merced  X*
University of California, Riverside  X*
University of California, San Diego  X*
University of California, Santa Barbara  X*
University of California, Santa Cruz  X*
University of Chicago  X*
University of Delaware 2* *
University of Georgia X* *
University of Mary Washington  X*
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  X*
University of Notre Dame  X*
University of Pennsylvania2*  *
University of Rochester  X*
University of Southern California X* *
University of Texas, Austin  X*
University of Virginia 2* *
Vanderbilt University  X*
Vassar College2*  *
Wake Forest University  X*
Washington and Lee University 2* *
Washington University in St. Louis  X*
Webb Institute2*  *
Wellesley College2*  *
Wesleyan University  X*
Williams College2*  *
Worcester Polytechnic Institute  X*
Yale University2*  *

* The ACT may be submitted in lieu of the SAT and Subject Tests.