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Best SAT and ACT Test Dates for Seniors

By July 1, 2022July 10th, 2024ACT, For Students, SAT

We know that for many rising seniors, it feels like summer has just begun. But fall is coming quickly, and with only a month of vacation left, you may be asking questions like “When should seniors take the ACT?” or “When do I need to take the SAT for Early Action or Early Decision?”

If you are looking for help preparing to test, please be sure to contact our directors and sign up for a practice test. This time of year, our practice test sessions and tutor schedules fill up quickly.

Below is a recap of our best test dates for seniors, which may help you solidify your test prep plans. Click here for a full list of test dates during the 2022-2023 school year and here to view our best dates for juniors.


August 27

Registration Deadline: July 29 | Late Registration Deadline: August 16
Scores Available: September 19

We’ve passed the regular registration deadline, but you still have a couple of weeks for late registration. This test is ideal for rising seniors who have been preparing over the summer or feel that they can dedicate real time over the next month to prepare.

If you’re already signed up for this test date but aren’t sure if you’ll be ready, it may be worth working with a tutor or taking a practice test to see where you stand. Many schools superscore and you never know what might come up at a future test date (click for our list of super score and score choice college policies).

If you’re applying under Early Decision or Early Action and you have not yet taken a test, we strongly encourage you to take the August test so you can retake in October if necessary.

Spaces are filling fast! If you’re interested in an August SAT, sign up now! 

October 1

Registration Deadline: September 2 | Late Registration Deadline: September 20
Scores Available: October 14

This may be your last opportunity to test, review, and submit your scores before the November 1 Early Decision and Early Action application deadlines. Note that some colleges will accept November (or even later) scores as an addendum to your completed early application, but you will need to check on the specific policies at the schools of your choice.

While many testing locations are available for the October test, popular ones can still fill up, so it’s always a good idea to register as soon as possible.

November 5

Registration Deadline: October 7 | Late Registration Deadline: October 25
Scores Available: November 18

November can work as an opportunity to retake the SAT for seniors applying under regular application conditions with January deadlines.

December 3

Registration Deadline: November 3 | Late Registration Deadline: November 22
Scores Available: December 16

The beginning of December is the last opportunity you will have to take the test and send results to schools in time for deadlines.


September 10

Registration Deadline: August 5 | Late Registration Deadline: August 19
Scores Available: September 23

September is a very popular fall test date. If you’re applying early to schools, the September ACT will ensure that your scores arrive in time.

Students also like this date because they’re back in school and refocused on academics, but they’re not so deep in the school year that they’re overwhelmed by school work. The registration deadline is August 16, with late registration cutting off on August 30, so if you’re thinking of the September test but haven’t yet registered, you may want to sign up soon!

October 22

Registration Deadline: September 16 | Late Registration Deadline: September 30
Scores Available: November 4

The October ACT is a great option for retaking the ACT, especially for regular decision applications. If you are applying early, you may be able to send October scores, depending on the school’s policies, but you may not be able to review those scores in advance.

December 10

Registration Deadline: November 4 | Late Registration Deadline: November 11
Scores Available: December 23

This is your last chance for ACT retakes prior to standard admission deadlines. This could be an opportunity to focus on a stubborn section to bring up your overall composite. But by now, you should have at least one score already in the bank.


Selected your test dates, but need help signing up? Click here to learn everything you need to know about registering for the SAT and ACT.

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