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Open, click, engage, transform.

This is what I’ve seen through online tutoring.  Since I began reaching students virtually across the world, most tell me the same thing, “It’s so easy” and “I can’t believe it works this well.”  

Before the first lesson, it’s not uncommon for many students and parents to have reservations about online lessons.  How will you interact? How will you see each other’s work? What if there are connection issues? After the first lesson, these uncertainties are often replaced with enthusiasm and joy regarding how streamlined and effective the lessons can be.    

Students get to schedule lessons whenever and wherever they want (I even had a student schedule to meet me during their prep period while at school).  The technology we use fits seamlessly into everyday life, and many of my students even tell me they prefer online to meeting in person. My students get to choose if they want to meet through Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, whatever they prefer, and regardless of the online platform, through screen-sharing and an easy to use desk-cam that projects their work to me, we get to interact as if we’re sitting at the same table.

I miss meeting my students’ dogs and cats, but sometimes when I’m lucky I still get introduced!  

The Compass Team

Compass is one of the world's leading providers of in-home and online, live one-on-one tutoring for high school students aspiring to attend selective colleges.

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