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Admission Testing Resources – Quick Reference

The following list contains our most popular admission testing resources and blog posts:

1. Guide to Testing
This 90+ page free resource endeavors to be a single source of answers for any questions that could possibly arise related to admission tests. Printed copies are available upon request.

2. Competitive scores
Concorded SAT score ranges and ACT score ranges at 360 popular colleges. A useful starting point to gauge relative competitive strength of a student’s test scores. Also displays admit rate and yield.

3. Comparing scores
How to compare ACT to SAT scores using the same concordance table that colleges use to understand scores. Related: how the SAT and ACT are scaled explains why students should not choose tests or test dates based on misguided notions of the “curve.”

4. Super-scoring, Score Choice, repeat testing, and colleges accepting self-reported scores
Super-scoring and Score Choice policies for 360 popular colleges, identifying which colleges combine scores across test dates and which require submission of all scores. Also a discussion of how to evaluate repeat testing decisions. Finally, a list of the colleges that will accept self-reported scores from applicants.

5. Understanding the choice between the SAT and ACT
ACT is now more popular than the SAT, even among the highest-scoring students. Who are the students who should choose the SAT over the ACT and why? What kind of leisure reading will help you on the SAT and ACT, why not to be afraid of ACT Science, how to interpret the new ACT score report, and how to handle the ACT’s aggressive pacing.

6. SAT/ACT essay
An up to date list of which colleges require or recommend the SAT or ACT essay, how to decide what is a “good” essay score, a comparison of what each assignment asks of students, and more detailed guidance on SAT essay strategies and ACT essay strategies.

7. Subject Tests
Which colleges require or recommend Subject Tests, a detailed Subject Tests FAQ, an analysis of what is a “good” Subject Test score, an assessment of the five most popular Subject Tests, and discussion of what the future holds for Subject Tests and why fewer colleges are requiring Subject Tests.

8. Special testing accommodations
A detailed reviews of the process involved in applying for and receiving SAT and ACT accommodations.

9. The PSAT
What to do with your PSAT scores, how to use PSAT scores to consider SAT vs. ACT, a breakdown of the National Merit process and the Semifinalist cutoffs in each state for the class of 2019 and predicted ranges for the class of 2020, and explanations of how to access PSAT scores online and how to interpret the PSAT report.

10. Compass services
Our approach to private tutoring, the online tutoring option for students outside of CA and NY, no-obligation diagnostic testing and the powerful insights our reporting engine provides, a list of references and testimonials from schools that rely on us, background on our company’s leadership, and an introduction to our elite team of tutors.

Adam Ingersoll

Adam began his career in test prep in 1993 while at the University of Southern California, where he was a student-athlete on the basketball team, worked in the admission office, and graduated magna cum laude. Over the last three decades he has guided thousands of families to successful experiences with standardized tests and has mentored hundreds of the industry's most sought-after tutors. Adam is known nationally as a leading expert on college admission testing and is a frequent presenter at higher ed conferences, faculty development workshops, and school seminars.

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